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Changes for version 1.08 - 2021-10-19

  • added namespace support to the path function, breaking some back-compat
  • brought codebase quality up to date with my current Perl skills
  • tests run on perl 5.8.1
  • minor fix (removed a warning)
    • The quotes in $obj->path('person[name="Alex"]') are interpreted as quote characters. If you type the above, it will only match if there is a person element with attribute name=""Alex"" .
    • To include a "]" character in the attribute value of path, now you just escape it with a backslash character in the path string. For example, to search for elements with a name attribute of Al]ex, write this: $obj->path('person[name=Al\]ex]') "[" characters in attribute values in the path string don't need to be escaped.


A simple-to-use XML module, for parsing and creating XML documents


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