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Changes for version 0.65 - 2023-11-21

  • Notable Changes since 0.64
    • Mostly minor fixes to the test suite. Change to how a Signature is added to the signed document to improve compatibility
    • 58b41bb Remove eol spaces
    • 57d1835 Skip xmlsec1 tests for sha1 digests or signature algorithms if sha1 is disabled
    • 496d413 Add test for fix_namespace
    • e03af99 Change how the Signature is added to a signed document The namespace xmlns:dsig="" should be kept at the Signature level not moved to the Signed tag
    • 3442140 Remove unused code
    • 3243b61 Remove useless signing test
    • 23a688d Fix developer test for t/008-sign_saml.t
    • 5084ea4 Remove namespace::autoclean
    • 6ff436d Run CI with Net::SAML2 install
    • ee583a2 Add Coveralls to XML::Sig
    • c70914b Update testsuite
    • f1b8710 v0.64


XML::Sig - A toolkit to help sign and verify XML Digital Signatures