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Changes for version 0.39 - 2022-07-05

  • tmxsplit defaults to utf8
  • tmxgrep 'pt:terra;en:land' file.tmx
  • tmxgrep -html 'pt:terra;en:land' file.tmx (grep + converts to html + open in browser)
  • tmx2html -v (converts to html + open in browser) -v=chromium (idem and open in Chromium)
  • tmxclean some documtnation added


POStaggers translation units on a tmx file.
Explodes tmx files in a file per language
Tokenizes translation units on a tmx file.
Converts a TMX to an HTML formatted page
Utility to convert and filter TMX files
Simple tool to clean TMX files
grep translation units in a TMX file
Splits a TMX file several files, one for each language
removes duplicated translation units from TMXs
Gives statistics about tmx file.
Create a TMX from a TSV file


Perl extensions for managing TMX files
Generates a TMX file from a group of PO files
Perl extension for reading TMX files
Perl extension for writing TMX files