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Changes for version 0.63 - 2021-10-08

  • This version instroduces no changes to the Perl modules, only the tests.
  • Remove tests that don't work on old Perls and that were actually testing Math::Big(Int|Float|Rat) more than big(int|num|rat).
  • Skip tests that don't work on older versions of Perl.
  • Remove Perl v5.10.0 as dependency. This distribution is compatible with Perls back to at least v5.6.1, although some functionality (e.g., nesting the pragmas) requires more recent versions of Perl.


transparent big integer support for Perl
transparent big number support for Perl
transparent big rational number support for Perl


in lib/Math/BigFloat/Trace.pm
in lib/Math/BigInt/Trace.pm
in lib/Math/BigRat/Trace.pm