Changes for version 0.060

  • Fix compatibility with forks 0.29 (now a minimum requirement) and later.
  • Behavior change *** All variables now retain their pre-existing values after being shared. This may cause slow sharing of a variable if the variable contained many values or was very large, or may trigger errors if the variable contained value(s) that are not valid for sharing. Rule of thumb: always undef a variable before sharing it, unless you trust any pre-existing value(s) to be sharable.
  • Improved shared variable memory management: more efficient use of BDB environment resources on a per-thread basis.
  • Now correctly handles tmpdir locations with non-alphanumeric chars in the path.
  • Support forks::BerkeleyDB::shared->set_deadlock_option.
  • Silence spurious warnings when pushing undef values on shared array.
  • Close unused environment resources in shared server.
  • Integrated all forks 0.30 tests.


high-performance drop-in replacement for threads
high-performance drop-in replacement for threads::shared
class for tie-ing arrays to BerkeleyDB Recno
class for tie-ing handles to threads with forks
class for tie-ing hashes to BerkeleyDB Btree
class for tie-ing scalars to BerkeleyDB Recno