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Changes for version 0.20 - 2006-03-01

    • Allows times for tasks and work to be expressed in minutes. "2h" is the same as "120m".
    • Added column headings to default output
    • Task indent level may now be done with asterisks as well as dashes, and the indent level may have whitespace following it. The following are all valid:
      • -Level 1 the old way --Level 2 the old way
      • Level 3 with whitespace ***Level 3 the new way
      • Level 4 the new way with whitespace --**IMPORTANT** (Level 2, task name "**IMPORTANT**")


The How We Doin'? project tracking tool
Create burndown charts from hwd burndown output


Support functions for How We Doin'?, the project estimation and tracking tool
Tasks for HWD
Work completed on HWD projects