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Changes for version 0.12

  • Sirc::URL is a new module which provides an easy way to view URLs which appear on the screen.
  • Sirc::Util:
    • addcmd() is an enhanced version of sirc's. It lets you define commands whose names contain non-alphanumeric characters.
    • addhelp() is an enhanced version of sirc's. It both adds the new command to the main help topic (or "set" topic), and provides a way to add help without hardcoding the format that help entries use.
    • arg_count_error() supplies the subroutine name if it's undef.
    • settable_boolean() allows you to supply a validator function.
    • settable_str() is a new function, similar to settable_int().


Track information about the channels you're on
simple channel limit management
view URLs with an external browser
Utility sirc functions


in Sirc/
in Sirc/
in Sirc/