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Changes - Apache mod_perl changes logfile


all changes without author attribution are by Doug MacEachern

Also refer to the Apache::Test changes log file, at Apache-Test/Changes

2.0.13 October 21, 2023

Use get_server_banner() instead of deprecated get_server_version() in Apache2::Status. [Petr Písař <]

Avoid generating APR precompiled headers. [Sam James <>]

Fix build for perl >= 5.37.1. [Jitka Plesnikova <>]

2.0.12 January 30, 2022

Add bug tracker information to README, and add [Steve Hay]

Fix detection of APR's threading support on RHEL 8. [Petr Písař <>]

Fix build for perl >= 5.33.7. [Leon Timmermans <>]

Fix SIGSEGV crash due to wrong use of perl_parse(). [Charles Pigott <>]

Improve installation instructions for AIX. [Rainer Tammer <>]

2.0.11 October 5, 2019

Fix t/modules/apache_resource.t failures [Steve Hay]

Fix [CVE-2011-2767] Arbitrary Perl code execution in the context of the user account via a user-owned .htaccess. Patch from #644169. [Jan Ingvoldstad <>]

Fix potential test suite hangs due to pipelined response deadlocks. Patch from #82409. [Zefram <>]

Fix t/compat/request.t failures [Steve Hay]

Fix use-after-free segfault in ap_server_config_defines seen on start-up on OpenBSD. [Found/fixed by Sam Vaughan/Joe Orton]

Fix build with Perls earlier than 5.13.6. [Rainer Jung <>]

Fix filter/in_bbs_inject_header.t test failure with Apache 2.4.25+. [Stefan Fritsch <>]

Fix apache/read.t test failure with Apache 2.4.25+. [Niko Tyni <>]

2.0.10 October 27, 2016

Declare MP_vtbl_env and MP_vtbl_envelem as 'extern' to fix linker errors on OSX/Darwin. [Michael Schout <>]

Automatically select the appropriate c89 option when modperl is being built with either gcc 5 or clang. [Klaus S. Madsen <>]

Fix non-threaded Perl 5.22.x build and tests. [Klaus S. Madsen <>]

Add support for Perl 5.22.x. [Niko Tyni <>, Steve Hay]

2.0.9 June 18, 2015

Add note to README about MP_INLINE problem when building with GCC 5. [Niko Tyni <>]

Fix t/api/aplog.t for apr-1.5.2. [Steve Hay]

Note that Perl 5.22.x is currently not supported. This is logged as CPAN RT#101962 and will hopefully be addressed in 2.0.10. [Steve Hay]

Fix unthreaded build, which was broken in 2.0.9-rc2. [Steve Hay]

Remove PerlInterpScope. This has not been working properly with threaded MPMs with httpd-2.4.x and the use-case of this directive was questionable. [Jan Kaluza]

Allow running the test suite with httpd-2.4.x when mod_access_compat is not loaded. [Steve Hay]

Add support for Apache httpd-2.4.x. [Torsten Foertsch, Jan Kaluza, Steve Hay, Gozer]

Don't call modperl_threaded_mpm() et al. from XS code. Fixes Debian Bug #765174. [Niko Tyni <>]

Make sure modperl_interp_select uses r->server rather than the passed s parameter to find the interpreter pool to pull an interpreter from. This fixes an issue with vhosts with a separate interpreter pool and runtime dir-config merges that used to pull the interpreter from the wrong pool. [Torsten Foertsch]

PerlInterpScope is now more advisory. Using $(c|r)->pnotes will bind the current interpreter to that object for it's lifetime. $(c|r)->pnotes_kill() can be used to prematurely drop pnotes and remove this binding. [Torsten Foertsch]

Now correctly invokes PerlCleanupHandlers, even if they are the only handler type configured for that request [Torsten Foertsch]

For threaded MPMs, change interpreter managment to a new, reference-counted allocation model. [Torsten Foertsch]

Expose modperl_interp_pool_t via ModPerl::InterpPool, modperl_tipool_t via ModPerl::TiPool and modperl_tipool_config_t via ModPerl::TiPoolConfig [Torsten Foertsch]

Expose modperl_interp_t via ModPerl::Interpreter [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix t/compat/apache_file.t on Windows. Apache::File->tmpfile() wants TMPDIR or TEMP from the environment, or else defaults to /tmp. The latter is no good on Windows, so make sure the environment variables are passed through. (TEMP should be set to something suitable on Windows.) [Steve Hay]

Fix t/api/err_headers_out.t with HTTP::Headers > 6.00. [Rolando <>]

Fix the build with VC++ and dmake (rather than nmake) on Windows. The Makefile generated by Apache2::Build uses shell commands for the manifest file, but neglected to tell dmake to use the shell. [Steve Hay]

Don't write an 'rpm' target into the Makefile on Windows. It isn't relevant on Windows, and the (hard-coded, not MakeMaker-generated) recipe group has syntax which dmake doesn't understand. [Steve Hay]

2.0.8 April 17, 2013

Perl 5.16.3's fix for a rehash-based DoS makes it more difficult to invoke the workaround for the old hash collision attack, which breaks mod_perl's t/perl/hash_attack.t. Patch from #83916 improves the fix previously applied as revision 1455340. [Zefram]

On Perl 5.17.6 and above, hash seeding has changed, and HvREHASH has disappeared. Patch to update mod_perl accordingly from #83921. [Zefram]

Restore build with Perl 5.8.1, 5.8.2 etc: take care to use $Config{useithreads} rather than $Config{usethreads}, and supply definitions of Newx and Newxz as necessary. [Steve Hay]

On Perl 5.17.9, t/apache/read2.t fails because an "uninitialized value" warning is generated for the buffer being autovivified. This is because the sv_setpvn() that's meant to vivify the buffer doesn't perform set magic; the warning is generated by the immediately following SvPV_force(). Patch to fix this from #83922. [Zefram]

Fix t/perl/hash_attack.t to work with Perl 5.14.4, 5.16.3 etc, which contain a fix for CVE-2013-1667 (memory exhaustion with arbitrary hash keys). This resolves #116863, from where the patch was taken. [Hugo van der Sanden]

use APR::Finfo instead of Perl's stat() in ModPerl::RegistryCooker to generate HTTP code 404 even if the requested filename contains newlines [Torsten]

Remove all uses of deprecated core perl symbols. [Steve Hay]

Add branch release tag to 'make tag' target. [Phred]

2.0.7 June 5, 2012

Fix breakage caused by removal of PL_uid et al from perl 5.16.0. Patch from #77129. [Zefram]

2.0.6 April 24, 2012

Preserve 5.8 compatibility surrounding use of MUTABLE_CV [Adam Prime]

Move code after declarations to keep MSVC++ compiler happy. [Steve Hay]

Adopt modperl_pcw.c changes from httpd24 branch. [Torsten Foertsch]

Pool cleanup functions must not longjmp. Catch these exceptions and turn them into warnings. [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix a race condition in our tipool management. See Patch submitted by: SalusaSecondus <> Reviewed by: Torsten Foertsch

Ensure that MP_APXS is set when building on Win32 with MP_AP_PREFIX, otherwise the bundled Reload and SizeLimit builds will fail to find a properly configured Test environment. [Steve Hay]

Fix a few REFCNT bugs. Patch submitted by: Niko Tyni <> Reviewed by: Torsten Foertsch

Correct the initialization of the build config in ModPerl::MM. The global variable was only being set once on loading the module, which was before had been written, leading to cwd and MP_LIBNAME being unset when writing the Reload and SizeLimit makefiles. [Steve Hay]

Discover apr-2-config from Apache 2.4 onwards. [Gozer]

Apache 2.4 and onwards doesn't require linking the MPM module directly in the httpd binary anymore. APXS lost the MPM_NAME query, so we can't assume a given MPM anymore. Introduce a fake MPM 'dynamic' to represent this. [Torsten Foertsch, Gozer]

Perl 5.14 brought a few changes in Perl_sv_dup() that made a threaded apache segfault while cloning interpreters. [Torsten Foertsch]

PerlIOApache_flush() and mpxs_Apache2__RequestRec_rflush() now no longer throw exceptions when modperl_wbucket_flush() fails if the failure was just a reset connection or an aborted connection. The failure is simply logged to the error log instead. This should fix cases of httpd.exe crashing when users press the Stop button in their web browsers. [Steve Hay]

Fixed a few issues that came up with LWP 6.00: - t/response/TestAPI/ assumes HTTP/1.0 but LWP 6 uses 1.1 - t/api/err_headers_out.t fails due to a bug somewhere in LWP 6 - t/filter/TestFilter/ sends the wrong content-length header [Torsten Foertsch]

Bugfix: Apache2::ServerUtil::get_server{description,banner,version} cannot be declared as perl constants or they won't reflect added version components if Apache2::ServerUtil is loaded before the PostConfig phase. Now, they are ordinary perl functions. [Torsten Foertsch]

Check for the right ExtUtils::Embed version during build [Torsten Foertsch]

Take a lesson from #66085 and pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH if mod_env is present. Should prevent test failures on some platforms. [Fred Moyer]

2.0.5 February 7, 2011

The mod_perl PMC dedicates this release of mod_perl to Randy Kobes, who passed away in September 2010. Randy was a member of the mod_perl project management committee and a co-author of the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook. His work helped many Windows mod_perl users. His work with ppm files, and Win32 perl users will be sorely missed. He was kind, bright, and always willing to lend a hand on the mod_perl user's list.

Prepare modperl for the upcoming perl 5.14 [Torsten Foertsch]

Add lib/ModPerl/ to MANIFEST via lib/ModPerl/ RT #48103 reported by [Fred Moyer]

PerlIOApache_write() now throws an APR::Error object, rather than just a string error, if modperl_wbucket_write() fails. [Steve Hay]

Authentication tests fail with LWP 5.815 and later [Doug Schrag]

Concise test won't perform unless StatusTerse is set to ON [Doug Schrag]

Look for a usable apxs in $ENV{PATH} if all other options fail, then prompt the user for one. [Phred]

Work around bootstrap warnings when Apache2::BuildConfig has not been created yet. [Phred]

Remove Apache::test compatibility (part of mod_perl 1.2.7), that code causes build issues and is 4 versions out of date. [Phred]

Make sure perl is built either with multiplicity and ithreads or without both [Theory, Torsten]

Support for "install_vendor" and "install_site" make targets [Torsten]

Run tests on bundled pure perl Apache::* modules [Gozer, Phred]

Implement a mini-preprocess language for map-files in xs/maps. [Torsten Foertsch]

Implement APR::Socket::fileno [Torsten Foertsch]

Export PROXYREQ_RESPONSE, a missing PROXYREQ_* constant [Gozer]

Make sure standard file descriptors are preserved by the perl-script handler [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix the filter init handler attribute check in modperl_filter_resolve_init_handler() [Torsten Foertsch]

Make sure buffer is a valid SV in modperl_filter_read() [Torsten Foertsch]

Move modperl_response_finish() out of modperl_response_handler_run in mod_perl.c [Torsten Foertsch]

"MODPERL_INC= now correctly supported as an argument to Makefile.PL" [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix an XSS issue in Apache2::Status reported by Richard J. Brain <>. [Torsten Foertsch]

Add NOTICE file to the distribution. [Joe Schaefer]

Make sure Apache2::RequestIO::read doesn't clear the buffer on end of file and handle negative offsets and offsets that are larger than the current string length. [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix a problem that could make APR::XSLoader and Apache2::XSLoader load the wrong shared library. [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix compilation when using a non-threaded APR. [Gozer, Philip M. Gollucci]

Make sure mod_perl's own ChildInitHandlers are run before user supplied ones. This fixes the incorrectly reported value of $$ at ChildInit time [Gozer]

2.0.4 April 16, 2008

Fix $r->location corruption under certain conditions [Gozer]

Fix a crash when spawning Perl threads under Perl 5.10 [Gozer]

Fix erratic behaviour when filters were used with Perl 5.10 [Gozer]

Fix problems with redefinitions of perl_free as free and perl_malloc as malloc on Win32, as described at [Tom Donovan]

Fix a crash when running a sub-request from within a filter where mod_perl was not the content handler. [Gozer]

Refactor tests to use keepalives instead of same_interp [Gozer, Phred]

Apache2::Reload has been moved to an externally maintained CPAN distribution [Fred Moyer <>]

PerlCleanupHandler are now registered with a subpool of $r->pool, instead of $r->pool itself, ensuring they run _before_ any other $r->pool cleanups [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix a bug that would prevent pnotes from being cleaned up properly at the end of the request [Torsten Foertsch]

On Win32, embed the manifest file, if present, in, so as to work with VC 8 [Steve Hay, Randy Kobes]

Expose apr_thread_rwlock_t with the APR::ThreadRWLock module [Torsten Foertsch]

Don't waste an extra interpreter anymore under threaded MPMs when using a modperl handler [Torsten Foertsch]

Fix a bug that could cause a crash when using $r->push_handlers() multiple times for a phase that has no configured handlers [Torsten Foertsch]

Catch up with some httpd API changes 2.2.4: The full server version information is now included in the error log at startup as well as server status reports, irrespective of the setting of the ServerTokens directive. ap_get_server_version() is now deprecated, and is replaced by ap_get_server_banner() and ap_get_server_description(). [Jeff Trawick]

ap_get_server_version() has been removed. Third-party modules must
now use ap_get_server_banner() or ap_get_server_description().

fixed Apache2::compat Apache2::ServerUtil::server_root() resolution issues [Joshua Hoblitt]

*) SECURITY: CVE-2007-1349 ( fix unescaped variable interprolation in regular expression [Randal L. Schwartz <>, Fred Moyer <>]

Make $r->the_request() writeable [Fred Moyer <>]

fix ModPerl::RegistryCooker::read_script to handle all possible errors, previously there was a case where Apache2::Const::OK was returned on an error. [Eivind Eklund <>]

a minor compilation warning resolved in modperl_handler_new_from_sv [Stas]

a minor compilation warning resolved in modperl_gtop_size_string [Stas]

Prevent direct use of _deprecated_ Apache2::ReadConfig in <Perl> sections with httpd Alias directives from incorrectly generating 'The Alias directive in xxxxx at line y will probably never match' messages. [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

Prevent Apache2::PerSections::symdump() from returning invalid httpd.conf snippets like 'Alias undef' [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

Require B-Size 0.9 for Apache2::Status which fixes Can't call method "script_name" on an undefined value [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

-march=pentium4 or anything with an = in it in CCFLAGS or @ARGV that gets passed to xs/APR/APR/Makefile.PL broke the @ARGV parsing. I.E. FreeBSD port builds when users had CPUTYPE set in /etc/make.conf. [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

Fixes to get bleed-ithread (5.9.5+) to comile again. [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

2.0.3 November 28, 2006

Prevent things in %INC that are not stat() able from breaking Apache2::Status 'Loaded Modules' under fatal warnings. [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

When using MP_AP_PREFIX on WIN32 make sure that its a valid directory. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

Fix bug concerning 'error-notes' having no value on errordocument redirect. [Guy Albertelli II <>]

Multi-line $PerlConfig is now working [Gozer]

PerlOptions None was previously incorrectly reported as invalid inside <VirtualHost> or <Directory> blocks. [Philip M. Gollucci]

Require B::Size 0.07 and B::TerseSize 0.07 for Apache2::Status [Philip M. Gollucci]

Apache2::Status was expecting B::TerseSize to return an op count for things that it didn't causing requests like http://localhost/perl-status/main?noh_b_package_size to cause 405s [Philip M. Gollucci]

Updates for Win32 to allow building and testing on Apache/2.2: - use httpd.exe as the Apache binary name when installing apxs - use new apr library names (libapr-1.lib and libaprutil-1.lib) [Randy Kobes]

Make sure that additional library paths are included in the build flags so that mod_perl will use the same versions of libraries that APR does. [Mike Smith <>]

Added $r->connection->pnotes, identical to $r->pnotes, but for the entire lifetime of the connection [Geoffrey Young, Gozer]

Fixed problems with add_config() and thread-safety: [Gozer] - $s->add_config is not allowed anymore after server startup - $r->add_config can only affect configuration for the current request, just like .htaccess files do

Make sure that LIBS and other MakeMaker command line flags are not ignored by the top level Makefile.PL and xs/APR/APR/Makefile.PL [Stas]

Corrected a typo that would cause the corruption of $), the effective group id as Perl sees it [Gozer]

Added support for httpd-2.2's new override_opts in Apache2::Access. Calls to add_config() now accept an override_opts value as the 4th argument. [Torsten Foertsch <>, Gozer]

Fix 'PerlSwitches +inherit' that got broken somewhere along the way to 2.0. You can also use 'PerlOptions +InheritSwitches' for the same result. [Gozer]

Add perl API corresponding to User and Group directives in httpd.conf: Apache2::ServerUtil->user_id and Apache2::ServerUtil->group_id [Stas]

Apache2::Reload now first unloads all modified modules before trying to reload them. This way, inter-module dependencies are more likely to be correctly satisfied when reloaded [Javier Uruen Val <>, Gozer]

$r->add_config() can now take an optionnal 3rd argument that specifies what pseudo <Location $path> the configuration is evaluated into [Torsten Foertsch <>]

remove -DAP_HAVE_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER and -DAP_DEBUG from MP_MAINTAINER mode to avoid collisions [Joe Orton]

Back out r280262 which was causing Apache2::Reload to misbehave. [JT Smith <>]

Perl_do_open/close fixes to make mod_perl 2.0 compile with blead-perl@25889+ (5.9.3+) [Stas]

Added Apache2::PerlSections->server, returning the server into which the <Perl> section is defined [Gozer]

Require B::Size and B::TerseSize v0.06 for Apache2::Status options StatusTerse and StatusTerseSize which has now been updated to support the new mod_perl2 api post RC5. [Philip M. Gollucci]

When using Apache2::PerlSections->dump, the configuration would print out in the correct order, but when the configuration was passed off to Apache the ordering was lost. [Scott Wessels <>]

2.0.2 - October 20, 2005

add :proxy import tag to Apache2::Const which exposes new constants PROXYREQ_NONE, PROXYREQ_PROXY, and PROXYREQ_REVERSE [Geoffrey Young]

$0 Fixes : [Gozer] - Setting $0 works on Linux again - HP-UX and *BSDes show the correct process name instead of '-e'

Fix a critical but trivial bug that would cause MP_MAINTAINER=1 or MP_TRACE=1 builds to fail if not building against a threaded APR. Functions such as apr_os_thread_current() would not be linked in, but were expected to be. [Philip M. Gollucci]

Add the output of ldd(unix/cygwin) and otool -L (darwin) for httpd to the mp2bug report script. [Philip M. Gollucci]

Prevent tools such as Apache2::Status's Loaded Modules screen from displaying erroneous information about being loaded. [Stas, Philip M. Gollucci]

Correctly set the version of ModPerl::MethodLookup, previously, it was not set because of the way it was Generating via ModPerl::WrapXS. [Philip M. Gollucci]

Improve the detection of whether or not we are in an mp2 build tree. This allows usage of ExtUtils::MakeMaker options such as PREFIX to not break the probe of mp2 build trees. [Stas, Philip M. Gollucci]

Add support for the newer Smaps (/proc/self/statm) on Linux systems that support it (i.e. linux-2.6.13-rc4-mm1) to accurately count the amount of shared memory. [Torsten Foertsch <torsten.foertsch>]

On cygwin some dlls might happen to be with identical base addresses and if you try to load both of them you'll get an error and you'll have to use the rebase utility to fix them. this fix should prevent this. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

Fix an undefined warning in DSO builds when not using MP_APXS. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

When running Makefile.PL with the MP_MAINTAINER=1 option add -Wdeclaration-after-statement if we are using gcc version 3.3.2 or higher and its not already part of the ccopts. [Philip M. Gollucci, Gozer]

Several fixes to Apache2::Status [Philip M. Gollucci]

When using Apache2::Reload and ReloadDebug is set to 'On', sort the output alphabetically [Philip M. Gollucci]

croak in case a filter returns DECLINED after calling $f->read (as it is not supposed to happen) [Stas]

another round of cygwin fixes [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

Multiple fixes to make mod_perl 2.0 work with blead-perl (5.9.3+) [Stas]

t/modules/reload.t would fail if run more than 3 times, breaking smokes [Gozer]

filter flushing now doesn't croak on connection reset (ECONNRESET/ECONNABORTED), but just logs the event on the 'info' level. [Stas]

RPM Friendly builds : [Gozer] - make dist tarballs can now be built directly into RPMs with rpmbuild - Added a new target 'make rpm' to directly build rpms from a checkout

2.0.1 - June 17, 2005

B::Terse has problems with XS code, so adjust Apache::Status to eval {} the code doing Syntax Tree Dump: syntax and execution order options [Stas]

Fix a broken regexp in Apache2::Build::dir() on win32 that would incorrectly attempt to fully-qualify paths like c:/some/path [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

Fix the "No library found" warnings when building on win32 without apxs and MP_AP_PREFIX [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

The pure-perl ModPerl::Util::unload_package implementation was accidently deleting sub-stashes [Gozer]

If running Makefile.PL unnatended (STDIN isn't a terminal or MP_PROMPT_DEFAULT=1), break out of potentially infinite prompt loops [Gozer]

fix ModPerl::TestReport used by t/REPORT and mp2bug to use ExtUtils::MakeMaker's MM->parse_version to get the interesting packages version number, w/o trying to load them (which may fail if the environment is not right) [Stas]

fix a bug in ModPerl::RegistryCooker: now stripping __(END|DATA)__ only at the beginning of the line [Stas]

APR::Base64 : [Torsten Foertsch <>] - fix encode_len() to return the length without accounting for the terminating '\0' as the C API does. - fix encode() to create the string of the correct length (previously was creating one too many)

in mod_perl callbacks merge error-notes entries rather than store just the newest error [Mark <>]

Expose Apache2::Const::EXEC_ON_READ (added to the :override group) [Stas]

Fix a bug in custom directive implementation, where the code called from modperl_module_config_merge() was setting the global context after selecting the new interpreter which was leading to a segfault in any handler called thereafter, whose context was different beforehand. [Stas]

2.0.0 - May 20, 2005

fix global anon_cnt double-initialization bug that was causing startup segfaults on OSX. [Gozer]

fix the ap_install target in the top-level Makefile (used for static build) [Stas]

Reintroduce a pure-Perl version of ModPerl::Util::unload_package() The problematic XS version is now called unload_package_xs() and not used by default [Gozer]

More APR::Status wrappers: [Stas, Randy Kobes] - is_EOF - is_ECONNABORTED - is_ECONNRESET - is_TIMEUP

make sure that the build picks up the include directories based on the apxs queries and only search the httpd source if $self->{MP_AP_PREFIX} was set. Earlier it was always picking the headers from the httpd source if it was available, which was resulting in the wrong headers if the installed httpd was different than the source that was found [Stas]

introduce ModPerl::RegistryPrefork and ModPerl::PerlRunPrefork, which behave the same as ModPerl::Registry and ModPerl::PerlRun, respectively, but chdir to the script's directory like mod_cgi does. These two new handlers will refuse to load under threaded MPMs where chdir can't be used as it will affect all running threads [Stas]

ModPerl::RegistryCooker::chdir_file_normal() now chdirs to the current script's directory or the specified directory as an argument, as it was planned in first place. Therefore switch ModPerl::Registry and ModPerl::PerlRun to us NOP for this method call. If chdir_file is mapped to chdir_file_normal(), then run() and convert_script_to_compiled_handler() now call chdir to the script's directory and at before returning go back to the server root. [Stas]

prevent undef warnings in catfile() calls in Apache2::Build when called from the ModPerl-Registry tree [Stas]

fix modperl_brigade_dump to use apr_file_printf() instead of fprintf(), which doesn't work everywhere [Stas]

Fix a warning triggered by `ln` on Cygwin, when running perl Makefile.PL for a second time without previously running make clean. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

When compiling a static mod_perl and MP_AP_CONFIGURE="--with-apr=/some/path" argument is given, Apache will use the apr-config at the given path, but mod_perl was using the default at "srclib/apr/.libs". Fix that [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

Show MP_APU_CONFIG as an argument to Makefile.PL in the Usage menu. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

Makefile.PL: fix the pre-rename mp2 install diagnostics code, to use the mp version of 1.999xx and not 1.999_xx, as the latter is unsuitable for numerical comparison, also fix the name of the reported conflicting directory [Stas].

add APR::Status::is_(EACCES|ENOENT), and use in ModPerl::RegistryCooker to return, as appropriate, Apache2::Const::(FORBIDDEN|NOT_FOUND), based on $@. Also remove a check in modperl_slurp_filename of src/modules/perl/modperl_util.c to enable $@ to be set when opening or reading a file fails. This fixes a bug on Win32, revealed in 404.t and redirect.t of the ModPerl-Registry tests, as reported by Steve Hay and Markus Wichitill [Stas, Randy Kobes]

link Apache2::* and ModPerl::* to mod_perl.a and DynaLoader.a, but -lmod_perl and -lDynaLoader don't work, and we can't supply the full paths, because MakeMaker doesn't allow this. I workaround this by making a symlink to mod_perl.a (called libmod_perl.a) and copy DynaLoader.a to libDynaLoader.a (I don't create a symlink, because, when running make clean, the real DynaLoader.a may get deleted). The APR::* extensions are not affected, because in both cases we link them against aprext. Also other small fixes are added. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

1.999_23 - May 3, 2005

fix Apache2::Build::dynamic_link_MSWin32 to generate a new line after dynamic_link code in Makefile [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

fix a warning in Apache2::Build::build_config() when building with MP_STATIC_EXTS=1 [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

improving DSO support on cygwin. The problem with cygwin is that it behaves like windows (it's a posix layer over windows after all). That's why we need to supply all symbols during linking time just like on win32, by adding -lapr-0 -laprutil-0 and -lhttpd. On windows, Apache supplies all the three libraries and it's easy to link, but on cygwin apache doesn't play nice and doesn't supply libhttpd. This change adds libapr and libaprutil. [Nikolay Ananiev <>]

improve the diagnostics when detecting mp2 < 1.999022, tell the user which files and/or dirs need to be removed [Stas]

restore the DESTDIR support partially nuked by the apache2 rename branch [Torsten Förtsch <torsten.foertsch>]

add APR::Status to provide functions corresponding to the APR_STATUS_IS_* macros of apr_errno.h, especially those composites like APR_STATUS_IS_EAGAIN(s) which are satisfied by more than one specific error condition. Presently only APR_STATUS_IS_EAGAIN is provided [Randy Kobes]

fix the generation of the manpages for .pm files from sub-projects like ModPerl-Registry (previously was creating manpage files like .::ModPerl::PerlRun.3) [Stas]

fix the pod2man'ification part of 'make install' (using POD2MAN_EXE instead of POD2MAN Makefile macro) [Stas]

1.999_22 - April 14, 2005
    ******************** IMPORTANT ********************
    this version of mod_perl is completely incompatible
      with prior versions of mod_perl, both 1.XX and
     1.99_XX. Please read the below changes carefully.

remove MP_INST_APACHE2 installation option and - all mod_perl related files will now be installed so they are visible via standard @INC. also, refuse to install over mod_perl 2 versions less than 1.999_22. [Geoffrey Young]

s/Apache::/Apache2::/g and s/mod_perl/mod_perl2/g in all module APIs. so, Apache::RequestRec is now Apache2::RequestRec, Apache::compat is now Apache2::compat, and so on. [joes]

move all Apache:: constants to Apache2::Const and all APR:: constants to APR::Const. for example, Apache:OK is now Apache2::Const::OK and APR::SUCCESS is now APR::Const::SUCCESS. [Geoffrey Young]

add $ENV{MOD_PERL_API_VERSION} as something that clearly distinguishes which mod_perl version is being used at request time. [Geoffrey Young]

rename Apache->request() to Apache2::RequestUtil->request(), and Apache->server() to Apache2::ServerUtil->server() [Geoffrey Young]

fix Apache2::Status which was bailing out on trying to load modules with dev versions like 2.121_02 [Stas]

When parsing Makefile.PL MP_* options, handle correctly the MP_FOO=0 entries [Philip M. Gollucci <>]

init the anonsub hash for base perl and each vhost +Parent (previously was init'ed only for the base perl) [Stas]

fix a bug when a non-threaded perl is used and anonymous sub is pushed at the server startup (the CV wasn't surviving) [Stas]

Make sure that CPAN shell doesn't triple over usage of $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION [Randy Kobes]

Apache2::RequestRec->new now sets $r->request_time [Stas]

remove and Apache::Request dependencies from Apache2::Status since they weren't used at all [Geoffrey Young]

Fixes for Apache2::Reload's touchfile feature (return Apache2::Const::OK instead of 1) [Chris Warren <>]

cygwin fixes: [Nikolay Ananiev <>] - doesn't like XS wrapper starting with 'static' - need to compile everything with -DCYGWIN

ModPerl::RegistryCooker API change: s/rewrite_shebang/shebang_to_perl/ the new API now returns the string to prepend before the rest of the script, instead of rewriting the content, which is both faster and doesn't mislead the perl debugger [Dominique Quatravaux <>]

Starting from ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.26 went back to pm_to_blib target from pm_to_blib.ts introduced in 6.22, so needed to fix the glue_pod target, so install will work correctly [Stas]

Syntax errors in <Perl> sections were not correctly caught and reported. [Gozer]

when building mp2 EU::MM looks into Apache-Test/MANIFEST and complains about the missing Apache-Test/META.yml (which is indeed not included in the modperl package due to the PAUSE problems of dealing with more than one META.yml. Solution: Exclude Apache-Test/MANIFEST from mod_perl distribution package. [Stas]

ModPerl::Registry no longer checks for -x bit (we don't executed scripts anyway), and thus works on acl-based filesystems. Also replaced the -r check with a proper error handling when the file is read in. [Damon Buckwalter <>]

Apache2::RequestUtil::slurp_filename now throws an APR::Error exception object (before it was just croaking). [Stas]

fix APR::Error's overload of '==' (it was always returning true before), and add the corresponding '!=' [Stas]

if $r->document_root was modified, restore it at the end of request [joes]

Apache2::ServerRec method which set the non-integer fields in the server_rec, now copy the value from the perl scalar, so if it changes or goes out of scope the C struct is not affected. Using internal perl variables to preserve the value, since using the server pool to allocate the memory will mean a memory leak [Stas]

add the escape_url entry in the ModPerl::MethodLookup knowledgebase [Stas]

Apache2::SubProcess::spawn_proc_prog now can be called in a void context, in which case all the communication std pipes will be closed [Stas]

fix a bug in $r->document_root, which previously weren't copying the new string away [Stas]

introduce a new build option MP_AP_DESTDIR to aid package builders direct the Apache-specific files to the right place. [Cory Omand <Cory.Omand@Sun.COM>]

Fix bug in modperl_package_clear_stash() segfaulting when encountering declared but not yet defined subroutines. [Steve Hay <>, Gozer]

win32 needs PERL_SYS_INIT3/PERL_SYS_TERM calls [Steve Hay <>]

Fix broken MP_STATIC_EXTS=1 build. [Gozer]

Perl -Duse64bit fix. Pointers can't just be generically casted from/to IVs. Use PTR2IV/INT2PTR instead. [Gozer]

Perl -Duse64bit fix. apr_size_t pointers can't just be generically casted from/to UVs. Use PTR2UV/INT2PTR instead. [Gozer]

fix a bug in Apache2::Build::dir: If the right directory isn't found in the for loop $dir still contains a > value, so the ||= has no effect. [Nick Wellnhofer <>]

1.999_21 - January 22, 2005

PerlPostConfigRequire was trying to detect missing files early on, but without searching thru @INC, causing false negatives. Better off skipping that check and leave it to modperl_require_file() to report problems with finding the file. [Patrick LeBoutillier <>, Gozer]

add a perl bug workaround: with USE_ITHREADS perl leaks pthread_key_t on every reload of libperl.{a,so} (it's allocated on the very first perl_alloc() and never freed). This becomes a problem on apache restart: if the OS limit is 1024, 1024 restarts later things will start crashing [Gisle Aas <>, Stas]

on Irix needs to see the symbols, which requires the -exports option immediately before -lperl. [Gordon Lack <>]

pool arguments to startup and connection callbacks must be blessed into APR::Pool and not Apache::Pool class [joes]

Make PerlSetEnv, PerlPassEnv and %ENV in PerlRequre, PerlModule, PerlConfigRequire and PerlPostConfigRequire affect each other, so a change in one of these is immediately seen in the others. [Pratik <pratiknaik>, Stas]

1.999_20 - January 5, 2005

the autogenerated modules (and some implemented in xs/ modules) are now getting the same version number as $mod_perl::VERSION (the exception are APR modules which get 0.009_000 for now). [Stas]

until we figure out how to tell PAUSE index about versions of the autogenerated modules, create a fake module which lists all the autogenerated modules and their versions and include that in the distro. [Stas]

moving to the triplet version notation, which requires us to bump 1.99 => 1.999 so 1.999020 (mp2) > 1.29 (mp1). [Stas] Now we are gong to have: $mod_perl::VERSION : "1.099020" int $mod_perl::VERSION : 1.09902 $mod_perl::VERSION_TRIPLET: 1.99.20

<Perl> and PerlPostConfigRequires were leaking some memory at startup. Use parms->temp_pool instead of parms->pool for temporary memory allocations. [Gozer]

deal with a situation where an object is used to construct another object, but it's then auto-DESTROYed by perl rendering the object that used it corrupted. the solution is to make the newly created objects refer to the underlying object via magic attachment. only objects using objects that have DESTROY are effected. This concerns some of the methods accepting the custom APR::Pool object (not native pools like $r->pool). [Stas] Adjusted: - APR::Brigade: new - APR::Finfo: stat - APR::IpSubnet: new - APR::Table: copy, overlay, make - APR::ThreadMutex: new - APR::URI: parse - Apache::RequestUtil: new - APR::Pool: new - APR::BucketAlloc: new

APR::Bucket::alloc_create moved to APR::BucketAlloc::new APR::Bucket::alloc_destroy moved to APR::BucketAlloc::destroy [Stas]

prefork handlers optimisation: don't dup the handler struct unless this is a threaded-mpm [Stas]

speed up the 'perl Makefile.PL' stage [Randy Kobes]: - reduce the number of calls to build_config() of Apache::Build within ModPerl::BuildMM - cache the results of the calls to apxs_cflags, apxs_extra_cflags, and apxs_extra_cppflags in Apache::Build - in apxs of Apache::Build, return a cached result only when defined

move ModPerl::Util::exit() into, since it needs to work, even if ModPerl::Util wasn't loaded [Stas]

1.99_19 - December 23, 2004

$r->hostname is now writable [Gozer]

Static build with a Perl without ithreads and a non-threaded MPM would segfault on startup. Caused by a bug in perl's perl_shutdown() code. Fixed in Perl 5.8.2, so it's now a build requirement [Gozer]

replace the added in 1.99_17 code on resetting/restoring PL_tainted, with explicit reset before and after each each callback. This solves a complicated tainting issues caused when perl exception object is thrown. rgs suggested that it should be safe, similar to perl's own pp_nextstate which says: /* Each statement is presumed innocent */ [Stas]

New configuration directives: [Gozer] - PerlConfigRequire Just like PerlRequire, but _always_ triggers an immediate interpreter startup - PerlPostConfigRequire A delayed form of PerlRequire, that waits until the post_config phase before require'ing files

fix a warning in Apache::Status [John Williams <williams>]

Ignore Apache-Test/META.yml in distribution tarballs until PAUSE is capable of handling multiple META.yml files in one distro [Gozer]

modperl_exports.c now wraps all exported functions in a #ifndef function_name wrapper to help in weeding out functions that only make sense for certain Perl configurations (perlio, threads) (which also fixes static build against perlio-disabled perls, like 5.6.x) [Gozer]

for make test, skip configuring fastcgi if it's found in the global httpd.conf, as it causes crashes in the test suite [Stas]

fix Makefile.PL arguments parser to support more than one MP_foo option on the same line (including .makepl_args.mod_perl2 file) [Stas]

fix compilation issues in ModPerl::Util::current_perl_id (on some builds newSVpvf can't be resolved but Perl_newSVpvf works just fine). [Stas, Markus Wichitill <>]

fix APR::Error::str to return a lexical variable, rather than a string. This function is called by SvTRUE in modperl_errsv() via overload and on win32 (and randomly on linux) causes crashes via: "Attempt to free temp prematurely" warning, where this 'temp' is the string returned by this function. Making it a lexical variable before returning it, resolves the problem. [Steve Hay]

fix META.yaml s/private/no_index/ (to hide the bundled Apache-Test from PAUSE indexer) [Randy Kobes]

1.99_18 - December 12, 2004

Fix x86_64 warnings in modperl_restart_count_*, due to casting between integers and pointer types [Joe Orton]

open_logs and post_config handlers require the Apache::OK return code or the server aborts, so we need to log an error in case the handler didn't fail but returned something different from Apache::OK [Stas]

new function ModPerl::Util::current_perl_id() which returns something like (.e.g 0x92ac760) (aTHX) under threaded mpm and 0 under non-threaded perl (0x0). Useful for debugging modperl under threaded perls. [Stas]

make sure that modperl's internal post_config callback, which amongst other things, cloning perl interpreters is running as modperl_hook_post_config_last APR_HOOK_REALLY_LAST, which ensures that user's post_config callbacks are run before the cloning. now the code from config phase's can be safely moved to the post_config phase's equivalent. [Stas]

Further sync with libapr constants changes: [Stas] - the constants APR::(READ|WRITE|CREATE|APPEND|TRUNCATE|BINARY|EXCL|BUFFERED|DELONCLOSE) now have a prefix APR::FOPEN_ and moved group s/filemode/fopen/ - constants from the fileprot group moved to the fprot group and the prefix has changed: from APR::FILEPROT_ to APR::FPROT_ - this also fixes the import of APR_EXCL as an error constant

$r->print() and tied print() now return 0E0 (zero but true) when the call was successful but for zero bytes. [Geoffrey Young]

a new function Apache::ServerUtil::server_shutdown_cleanup_register to register cleanups to be run at server shutdown. [Stas]

$bb->cleanup is no more segfaulting (was segfaulting due to a broken prototype in APR, and consequently invalid XS glue code) [Randy Kobes, Stas]

make sure that ABSPERLRUN and ABSPERLRUN are defined in src/modules/perl/Makefile (needed by win32 build) [Stas]

For static builds, mod_perl header files were being installed into apache's source tree instead of where apache installed it's own headers [Gozer]

modperl_threads_started() wasn't working under static worker build, due to MP_threads_started static variable not being reset on restart. Now resetting it. [Stas]

@INC shrinking efforts: [Stas] 1) when adding $ServerRoot don't add the trailing / (as it ends up twice when added by A-T w/o trailing /) 2) add $ServerRoot/lib/perl only if it actually exists

For static builds, we now run 'make clean' in httpd's source tree before running ./configure if the source tree has been configured before [Gozer]

Apache::SizeLimit ported [Perrin Harkins <perrin>]

create a new subpool modperl_server_user_pool (from modperl_server_pool), which is used internally by Apache::ServerUtil::server_restart_register. This ensures that user-registered cleanups are run *before* perl's internals cleanups are run. (previously there was a problem with non-threaded perls which were segfaulting on user cleanups, since perl was already gone by that time). [Stas]

Starting from ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.22 it no longer generates pm_to_blib target, but pm_to_blib.ts, so needed to fix the glue_pod target, so install will work correctly [Stas]

Apache::RequestUtil : $r->child_terminate() implemented for non-threaded MPMs. [Gozer]

new API Apache::ServerUtil::restart_count() which can be used to tell whether the server is starting/restarting/gracefully restarting/etc. Based on this feature implement $Apache::Server::Starting and $Apache::Server::ReStarting in Apache::compat [Stas]

Apache::Resource ported to mp2 [Stas]

If none of MP_APXS, MP_AP_PREFIX and MP_USE_STATIC were specified when configuring Makefile.PL, we now prompt for APXS path first and only if that fails ask for MP_AP_PREFIX. This is a requirement to get 'make test' find httpd. [Stas]

Dynamically prompt and add MP_INST_APACHE2=1 when installing on systems with mod_perl 1 preinstalled. [Stas]

fix the logging call in RegistryCooker [Lars Eggert <lars.eggert>]

fix $r->filename in Apache::compat to update the finfo struct (which is how it worked in mp1) [Stas]

enclose all occurences of eval_* with ENTER;SAVETMPS; ... FREETMPS;LEAVE; previously things just happened to work, due to external scopes which was not very reliable and some change could introduce obsure bugs. [Stas]

in case a native apache response filter is configured outside the <Location> block with PerlSet*Filter directive, make sure that mod_perl doesn't try to add it as connection filter (previously was logging an error like: [error] a content filter was added without a request: includes) [Stas]

replace the slow implementation of anon handlers using B::Deparse, with per-interpreter cache of compiled CODE refs (sort of emulating named subroutines for anonymous handlers) [Stas].

avoid segfaults when a bogus $r object is used [Stas]

Remove magicness of PerlLoadModule and implement Apache::Module::add() for modules that implement their own configuration directives [Gozer]

Apache::Connection::remote_ip is now settable (needed to set the remote_ip record based on proxy's X-Forwarded-For header) [Stas]

Fix Modperl::Util::unload_package() [Gozer] - Mistakenly skipping small entries of size 2 and less - Leave entries from other packages alone

$filter->remove now works with native (non-modperl) filters + test [Torsten Förtsch <torsten.foertsch>]

1.99_17 - October 22, 2004

Implement Apache->unescape_url_info in Apache::compat and drop it from the official API for CGI::Util::unescape() as a suggested replacement [Gozer]

fix xs_generate to croak on duplicate entries in xs/maps files [Christian Krause <chkr>]

Workaround a possible bug in Perl_load_module() [Gozer]

Fix a problem building with non-GNU make (can't make target dynamic in xs/APR/aprext) [Gozer]

escape HTML in dumped variables by Apache::Status [Markus Wichitill <>]

$r->document_root can now be changed when safe to do so [Gozer]

APR::Bucket->new now requires an APR::BucketAlloc as its first argument. New subs added: APR::Bucket::setaside, APR::Bucket::alloc_create, APR::Bucket::alloc_destroy, APR::Brigade::bucket_alloc. [joes]

reimplement APR::Pool life-scope handling, (the previous implementation had problems) [joes]

make sure that Apache::Filter::read, APR::Socket::recv, Apache::RequestIO::read, APR::Brigade::flatten, and APR::Bucket::read all return tainted data under -T [Stas]

tag the custom pools created by mod_perl for easier pools debug [Joe Orton]

fix a bug in non-ithreaded-perl implementation where the cached compiled CODE refs of httpd.conf-inlined one-liner handlers like: PerlFixupHandler 'sub { use Apache::Const qw(DECLINED); DECLINED }' didn't have the reference count right. [Stas]

per-server PerlSetEnv and PerlPassEnv values are properly added to %ENV when only a per-directory handler is configured. [Geoffrey Young]

resolve several 'Use of uninitialized value in...' warnings in Apache::Status [Stas].

make install and static build now correctly installs mod_perl as well as the statically built apache [Gozer]

if some code changes the current interpreter's tainted state to on, the return value from the handler callback will be tainted, and we fail to deal with that. So revert to coercing any return value, but undef (a special case for exit()). to IV, so that tainted values are handled correctly as well. [Stas]

make sure that each handler callback starts with a pristine tainted-ness state, so that previous callback calls won't affect the consequent ones. Without this change any handler triggering eval or another function call, that checks TAINT_PROPER, will crash mod_perl with: "Insecure dependency in eval while running setgid. Callback called exit." farewell message [Stas]

make sure that 'make distclean' cleans all the autogenerated files [Stas]

$r->log_reason has been ported and moved out of Apache::compat [Gozer]

APR::OS::thread_current renamed APR::OS::current_thread_id and now returns the actual thread_id instead of an object that needed to be dereferenced to get at the thread_id [Gozer]

change a bunch of the APR:: constants to have a better prefix (APR::FILETYPE_* and APR::FILEPROT_). libapr will be changed soon too [Stas]

Generate modperl_exports.c for static builds to prevent the linker from stripping needed but unused symbols [Gozer]

Add .libs/ as part of the library search path when building against httpd's source tree [Gozer]

In the static build, run make in httpd's srclib/ early to have generated files present at mod_perl configure time [Gozer]

When searching for ap(r|u)-config in httpd's source tree, search into srclib/apr-util as well as srclib/apr [Gozer]

Remove APR::Finfo::pool as it has no use to us [Stas]

get PerlSetVar and PerlAddVar multi-level merges to (finally) work properly. [Rici Lake <rici>]

MP_AP_BUILD configure option removed. Now implicit when MP_USE_STATIC is specified [Gozer]

Apache::Module $mod->version() and $mod->minor_version() renamed to $mod->ap_api_major_version() and $mod->ap_api_minor_version for clarity [Gozer]

Apache::Log changes: [Stas] - moved to compat: Apache::warn, Apache->warn, Apache::Server->warn, Apache::Server::warn - re-enabled $r->warn - removed support for Apache::ServerRec->warn (Apache::ServerRec::warn is still there)

Apache::Directive conftree() changed from class method to regular subroutine [Gozer]

Apache::Module top_module() and get_config() as class methods added to Apache::compat for backwards compatibility [Gozer]

Apache::Module top_module() and get_config() changed from class methods to regular subroutines [Gozer]

Added Apache::CmdParms::add_config() to work around a memory leak discovered with <Perl> sections in .htaccess files [Gozer]

Added ModPerl::Util::unload_package() to remove a loaded package as thoroughly as possible by clearing it's stash. [Gozer]

fix Apache->request($r) to be set-able even w/: PerlOptions -GlobalRequest [Stas]

Add Apache::Reload->unregister_module() to explicitely remove a module from Apache::Reload's monitoring list [Gozer]

introduce a custom modperl error message for failing filter handlers (previously 'unknown error' coming from rc=500 was logged) [Stas]

Fix Apache::Log methods/functions to log into the vhost's error_log file (if there is one). ( $s->log->*, $s->log_error, $s->log_serror, Apache::ServerRec::warn, etc.). Apache::ServerRec can now export its warn function to override CORE::warn [Stas]

Fix $s->log->*, $s->log_error and $s->log_serror to again log into the vhost's error_log file (if there is one). [Stas]

$s->log->warn and other $s->log->foo are now logging to the right vhost server and not the global one. modperl_sv2server_rec was broken. [Stas]

Fix a glue_pod make target bug, when .pm file doesn't exist, e.g. is not created on unless $apr_config->{HAS_THREADS} [Stas]

Introduce APR::Socket::poll to poll a non-blocking socket [Ken Simpson <>]

Fix the error message when the minimal required httpd version is not satisfied [Pratik <>]

Fix interactive prompting at perl Makefile.PL, when no APXS or MP_AP_PREFIX were provided. now asking for an alternative location if the suggested choices weren't selected. [Stas]

Added APR::URI->rpath method. Returns the path of an uri minus path_info, if any. [Gozer]

moved Apache::current_callback() to ModPerl::Util::current_callback where it belongs [Gozer]

modperl_perl_module_loaded() fixed to use %INC to determine if a module is loaded instead of checking for the existence of a stash [Gozer]

fix the modperl build, where httpd has been built against separate installations of apr-util and apr, where apr-util has been installed with a different includedir to apr. [Joe Orton]

$Apache::Server::SaveConfig is now $Apache::PerlSections::Save [Geoffrey Young]

1.99_16 - Aug 22, 2004

Fix a compilation problem breaking 1.99_15 (sv_copypv was added in perl 5.7.3) [Jason Woodward <>]

Added $r->content_languages in Apache::RequestRec [Gozer]

APR::Bucket: add delete() and destroy() methods [Stas]

1.99_15 - Aug 20, 2004

replace the memory allocation for modperl filter handlers to use a temporary subpool of the ap_filter_t object. previously using perl's safemalloc had problems on win32 (randomly my_perl == NULL) [Stas]

Disable Apache::HookRun::run_create_request -- it's already run internally by Apache::RequestRec->new [Stas]

Update Apache::RequestRec->new() to initialize members of request_rec which were added some time ago (without it we were getting segfaults in the new pseudo_http test. [Stas]

Apache::CmdParms->limited member replaced by is_method_limited() method [Gozer]

Apache::Module changes [Gozer] - readwrite => readonly: cmds, next, name, module_index, minor_version, version - removed: remove_module

ensure that a sub-dir Apache-Test exists in the source distro (this is a requirement, since the test suite relies on the particular Apache-Test version distributed with the mod_perl source) [Stas]

combine handler resolving failure error with the actual error, so there is only one logged entry [Stas]

pod manpages are now glued to all .pm files for which .pod exists at 'make install' phase [Stas]

Apache::RequestIO::sendfile() now indicates which file it has failed to open on failure. [Stas]

fix Apache::SubRequest's methods: lookup_file, lookup_uri, lookup_method_uri to default the last argument to r->proto_output_filters (no request filters for the subrequest) and not r->output_filters->next as it was before (one filter was getting skipped and the rest of the filters were applied *twice*). [Stas]

Apache::CmdParms changes [Gozer] - readwrite => readonly: override, limited, directive, pool, temp_pool, server, path, cmd, context, err_directive

- removed: limited_xmethods, xlimited, config_file, err_directive

Fix a bug in APR::Bucket->new when a passed argument was of type PADTMP [Stas]

Apache::Connection changes [Stas, "Fred Moyer" <fred /about/>] - readwrite => readonly:

    pool, base_server, local_addr, remote_addr, remote_ip, remote_host, 
    aborted, local_ip, local_host, id, conn_config, sbh, bucket_alloc

- removed: logname

Move check_cmd_context from Apache::Command to Apache::CmdParms. [Gozer]

Add :context group of constants for check_cmd_context(). NOT_IN_VIRTUALHOST, NOT_IN_LIMIT, NOT_IN_DIRECTORY, NOT_IN_LOCATION, NOT_IN_FILES, NOT_IN_DIR_LOC_FILE & GLOBAL_ONLY [Gozer]

Removed Apache::Command method soak_end_container [Gozer]

Removed Apache::Module methods (dynamic_load_handle and find_module_name) [Gozer]

All Apache::Command methods are now read-only [Gozer]

Removed Apache::Command methods (func and cmd_data) [Gozer]

Removed Apache::Directive methods (data & walk_config) [Gozer]

All Apache::Directive methods are now read-only [Gozer]

Filters should not reset $@ if it was already set before invocation [Gozer]

Apache::compat server_root_relative now correctly handles absolute paths like ap_server_root_relative does [Gozer]

Fix a bug in <Perl> sections with multiple aliases in a virtualhost container. [Gozer]

PerlModule, PerlRequire, Perl and <Perl> is now supported in .htaccess. They will run for each request. [Gozer]

removed support for httpd 2.0.46. httpd 2.0.47 is now the minimum supported version. [Geoffrey Young]

Static builds for httpd >= 2.0.51 available. With the new MP_AP_BUILD option, configure and compile an httpd with mod_perl statically linked in [Gozer]

Apache::RequestRec methods changes [Stas] - readwrite => readonly:

    connection, canonical_filename, header_only, main, next, prev,
    pool, per_dir_config, request_config, proto_num, protocol,
    request_time, server, the_request, unparsed_uri

- removed:

    remaining - this method is not needed if the deprecated
                $r->client_block methods aren't used, (use $r->read
    canonical_filename - it's a private member

The func Apache::SubProcess::spawn_proc_prog is now a method: $r->spawn_proc_prog [Stas]

Apache::Process methods (pool, pconf and short_name) are now read-only [Stas]

($r|$c|$s)->server_root_relative were removed. Now only an explicit and somewhat deprecated function API remains: Apache::ServerUtil::server_root_relative($pool, $path); it's too easy to cause memory leak with this method, and it's inefficient as it duplicates the return value, to avoid potential segfaults if the pool it was allocated from gets destroyed and the value is attempted to be used. Instead of this method use the equivalent: File::Spec->catfile(Apache::ServerUtil::server_root, $fname); [Stas]

$r->psignature now lives in the package it belongs to: Apache::RequestUtil (previously lived in Apache::ServerUtil). [Stas]

A few functions moved namespace from Apache:: to Apache::ServerUtil:: (to make it easier to find the container of the function): [Stas] - exists_config_define - server_root - get_server_built - get_server_version

fix an old outstanding bug in the APR::Table's TIE interface with each()/values() over tables with multi-values keys. Now the produced order is correct and consistent with keys(). Though, values() works correctly only with perl 5.8.x and higher. [Joe Schaefer]

require Perl 5.6.1, 5.6.0 isn't supported for a long time, but we weren't aborting at the Makefile.PL stage [Stas]

Apache::RequestUtil::method_register($s->process->pconf, 'FOO'); is now $s->method_register('FOO'). Apache::RequestUtil::add_version_component($s->process->pconf, 'BAR/0.1'); is now $s->add_version_component('BAR/0.1'). [Stas]

Remove $Apache::Server::StrictPerlSections. Now, all <Perl> sections errors are fatal by default and cause server startup to abort on error. [Gozer]

Fix ($r|$filter|$bucket)->read() functions to run the set magic logic, to handle cases when a passed buffer to fill is not a regular scalar. [Stas]

Apache::ServerRec accessors changes: [Stas] - readonly accessors:

    process, next, is_virtual, module_config, lookup_defaults and

- readwrite accessors with the exception of threaded mpms, where the accessors are writable only before the child_init phase (i.e. before threads are spawned):

    server_admin, server_hostname, port, error_fname, error_log,
    loglevel, timeout, keep_alive_timeout, keep_alive_max, keep_alive,
    names, wild_names, limit_req_line, limit_req_fieldsize,
    limit_req_fields, and path

supports a new type of struct accessor, which is just like read/write one, but doesn't allow write access starting at the ChildInit phase under threaded mpm (to avoid thread-safely issues) [Stas]

In order to be consistent with Apache::RequestRec, Apache::Server is now Apache::ServerRec and all methods/functions from Apache::Server now live in Apache::ServerRec. [Stas]

Use a context-specific Perl_load_module() instead of load_module(), to avoid the problem with 'load_module' symbol resolution on certain platforms, where for some reason it doesn't get resolved at compile time to Perl_load_module_nocontext [Stas]

Make it possible to disable mod_perl for the base server, but enable it for the virtual hosts [Stas]

Removed the deprecated path argument to $r->add_config() [Gozer]

Created a META.yml for CPAN and friends, including Apache-Test as a private resource to keep CPAN from installing mod_perl when a user just wants Apache::Test [Gozer]

Moving HTTP specific functions get_status_line, method_register from Apache:: to Apache::RequestUtil:: to match their container [Stas]

Adjust the list of mod_perl header files installed into the Apache2 include/ directory, made necessary from the renaming and refactoring arising from the decoupling of APR and APR::* from Also include modperl_apr_perlio.h under xs/APR/PerlIO/ in the list of such files installed [Stas, Randy Kobes]

$r->read()/READ now throw exceptions [Stas]

$r->rflush now returns nothing (was always returning APR::SUCCESS before) [Stas]

bug reports generating code: [Stas] - add (apr|apu)-config linking info - show the full path to the config file used to get the data for the report

The APR and APR::* family of modules can now be used without having to load On *nix, this is done by compiling the needed functions from the appropriate sources used to build into, and then arranging for APR::* to 'use APR ()'. On Win32, a static library of needed functions is built, and APR/APR::* then link into this library [Stas, Joe Schaefer, Randy Kobes]

APR::RequestIO::sendfile() now flushes any buffered output before sending the file contents out. If the return status is not checked and an error happens it'll throw an exception. Fix offset handling. [Stas]

Registry: remove the misleading prefix "$$: $class:" in the logged error message, since not only registry errors will get logged if $@ is set [Stas]

change t/REPORT to suggest to post bug reports to the modperl users list, to be consistent with the documentation [Stas]

amd64 fixes [Joe Schaefer <>] - use IV insteaf of int where a pointer is used - mpxs_APR__Bucket_new needs to use apr_size_t/off_set_t types

APR::Socket::recv() now returns the length of the read data [Stas]

APR::Bucket's read() returns "" instead of undef when there is no data to read. [Stas]

fix a bug in Registry handlers, where the same error was logged twice and potentially a wrong error code returned [Stas]

Apache::RequestIO: print(), printf(), puts(), write(), rflush() throw an exception on failure [Stas]

Apache::SubRequest: run() throw an exception on failure [Stas]

Apache::Filter: [Stas] - remove unneeded methods: remove_input_filter() and remove_output_filter(), fputs() - frec() accessor is made read-only - fflush(), get_brigade() and pass_brigade() now throw exceptions if called in the void context - read, print() and puts() throw an exception on failure

Apache::FilterRec: [Stas] - remove the next() accessor since it's not used by Apache at the moment - name() is made read-only

APR::URI: [Stas] - removed accessors o is_initialized() (internal apr_uri flag) o dns_looked_up() and dns_resolved() (they are not used by apache/apr) - all remaining accessors now accept undef value, which unsets the field

Extended WrapXS code to support a new type of accessor: char * which accepts undef to set the C pointer to NULL and as such unset the member of the struct. [Stas]

Exception error messages now include the error id along with the error message (as they did in first place). [Stas]

$r->finfo now accepts APR::Finfo object as an optional argument. [Stas]

APR::Finfo [Stas] - change stat() to return finfo - make all field accessors readonly

ARP::password_validate is now ARP::Util::password_validate [Stas]

APR::IpSubnet::new() now throws APR::Error exception (not returning rc) [Stas]

rename package APR::NetLib -> APR::IpSubnet to match the class name [Stas]

APR::BucketType: [Stas] - name is readonly

APR::Brigade [Stas] - destroy() now throws APR::Error exception (not returning rc) - rename empty => is_empty - added the method cleanup() - flatten() now returns the number of bytes read (and passed the buffer by the argument) and throws APR::Error exception

APR::Bucket: [Stas] - read() now returns the length of the read data and throws APR::Error exception (not returning rc). The returned scalar is now TAINTED. - type->name now has a module APR::BucketType - type(), length(), start(), data() are now all readonly - new() fix a bug in offset handling

1.99_14 - May 21, 2004

APR::SockAddr::port() accessor is now read-only [Stas]

APR::Pool now has destroy() and clear() available [Stas]

now logging the errors happening in pool cleanup callbacks [Stas]

use the new Apache-Test attribute -minclient in the test suites. Now along with the default maxclients = minclients+1, we no longer should get 'server reached MaxClients setting' errors. [Stas]

new API for APR::Socket recv() and send() + updated tests [Stas]

add infrastructure for new ModPerl::Const constants and the first constant ModPerl::EXIT. [Stas]

re-implement ModPerl::Util::exit to use exception objects, so it's possible to detect exit called in eval context and call it again outside the eval context. [Stas]

add the perl interface for the new exception handling code (mod_perl, apache and apr methods will now throw exceptions with $@ being an object). New class APR::Error was added, to handle the exception objects with overload methods. Also added confess and croak equivalents of Carp's methods, since at the moment the Carp's ones don't work as is. The following perl and C methods have been renamed: modperl_apr_strerror => modperl_error_strerror APR::strerror => APR::Error::strerr [Stas]

set the 'error-notes' table to the error message on HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR [Stas]

fix the apxs build function to not handle empty lookups as errors [Randy Kobes, Steve Hay]

fix type casting problems in the io functions [Stas]

add support for libgtop 2.5.0+ (maintenance mode) [Stas]

APR::Socket::timeout_set now croaks on failure [Stas]

significantly speedup the startup of threaded mpm test suite, by configuring only the minimal number of perl interpreters to start [Stas]

make APR::Socket::opt_(set|get) working (and change the previous behavior) [Stas]

make sure that our protocol module tests that interact with the socket use a blocking read [Joe Orton]

Use a better approach to figure out whether we need to strip perl's LargeFilesSource flag, by checking whether libapr was compiled with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 or not. Checking for APR_HAS_LARGE_FILES is useless since it doesn't tell whether 32 vs 64 bits off_t and similar types are used [Joe Orton]

'SetHandler perl-script' no longer grabs any newly encountered END blocks, and removes them from PL_endav, but only if they are explicitly registered via ModPerl::Global::special_list_register(END => $package_name) (this is a new function). It's now possible to have a complete control of when END blocks are run from the user space, not only in the registry handlers [Stas]

END blocks encountered by child processes and not hijacked by ModPerl::Global::special_list_register() are now executed at the server shutdown (previously they weren't executed at all). [Stas]

Added test to ensure <Perl> sections can have things like %Location tied [Gozer]

Fix the installation on Win32 so that an appropriate Apache2 subdirectory under the Perl tree is used when MP_INST_APACHE2 is specified [Randy Kobes]

Fix a redefined warning in Apache::Status [Stas]

Fix Apache::Status, to lookup the Apache::Request version without loading it. Only if a suitable (2.x) version is found -- load and use it. Previously loading the 1.x version was affecting Apache::compat. [Stas]

Fix a bug in special blocks handling (like END), which until now was dropping on the floor all blocks but the last one (mainly affecting registry handlers). [Stas]

The filter streaming API print() function, now correctly handles a binary data [Stas]

Fix Registry handlers, not to lose the execution errors, when they include END blocks [Stas]

1.99_13 - March 8, 2004

respect $ENV{APACHE_TEST_STARTUP_TIMEOUT} settings if any [Stas]

Added tests for issuing subrequests from filters [Geoffrey Young]

Updated to the new Apache License Version 2.0 [Gozer]

Drop the support for making GATEWAY_INTERFACE special. It's not needed as $ENV{MOD_PERL}, available in both mod_perl generations, should be used to test whether the code is running under mod_perl. [Stas]

Handle correctly the situation when response HTTP headers are printed from the handler and the response body starts with \000, which is the case with some images like .ico. [Stas]

Apache::PerlSections->dump() and store(filename) [Gozer]

expose $c->keepalive related constants and $c->keepalives counter [Stas]

Perl handlers are now guaranteed to run before core C handlers for all request phases. [Geoffrey Young]

Fix the STDIN/OUT overriding process to handle gracefully cases, when either or both are closed/bogus (the problem was only with useperlio enabled perl) [Stas]

copy apr_table_compress logic from later httpd versions in case mod_perl is built against 2.0.46, as mod_perl now requires it internally. users should be aware that 2.0.47 may become the oldest supported httpd version in the near future. [Geoffrey Young]

Fix the corruption of the httpd process argv[0], caused by $0 manipulating [Stas]

ModPerl::MethodLookup::lookup_method now handles sub-classed objects [Stas]

standard %ENV population with CGI variables and contents of the subprocess_env table (such as SetEnv and PassEnv) has been delayed until the last possible moment before content-generation runs. PerlSetEnv and PerlPassEnv are each an exception to this and are placed in both %ENV and the subprocess_env table immediately, regardless of the current [+-]SetupEnv setting. [Geoffrey Young]

fix PerlAddVar configuration merging [Geoffrey Young]

Anonymous subs are now supported in push_handlers, set_handlers, add_input_filter, etc. A fast cached cv is used with non-ithreaded perl. A slower deparse/eval approach (via B::Deparse) is used with ithreads enabled perls. Further optimizations are planned for the latter case. [Stas]

ht_time w/o the pool is now available only via override/restore compat API. format_time, has been renamed back to ht_time, and the default values for fmt, time and gmt are now supported. [Stas]

it's now possible to push new handlers into the same phase that is running at the moment [Stas].

when $r->handler($new_handler) is called from a response phase, it now checks that the response handler type is not switched (e.g. from 'modperl' to 'perl-script') from the currently used one [Stas]

Since Apache::SubProcess is now part of the mp2 API, add $r->cleanup_for_exec as a noop in Apache::compat. That function is no longer needed in Apache2. [Stas]

When 'perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/foo/bar' is used and mod_perl 1 is found, but at different prefix no longer require MP_INST_APACHE2=1. [Stas]

modperl_mgv_resolve now croaks when a module scheduled for autoloading fails to load. AutoLoaded modules shouldn't silently fail. [Stas]

Perl(Input|Output)FilterHandler handlers are now always AutoLoaded, as if '+' prefix was used. This must be performed to get the access to filter attributes long before the filter itself is executed. [Stas]

APR/Pool.xs has been reimplemented. The problem with the previous implementation is that a dead perl pool object could hijack a newly created pool, which didn't belong to that object, but which happened to be allocated at the same memory location. The problem is that apr_pool_user_data_set/get has no mechanism to check whether the pool has changed since it was last assigned to (it does but only in the debug mode). It really needs some signature mechanism which can be verified that the pool is still the same pool. Since apr_pool doesn't have this feature, the reference counting has been reimplemented using a plain sv reference. Several new (mainly hijacking) tests which badly fail with the previous impelementation have been added. [Stas]

fix calling $r->subprocess_env() in a void context so that it only populates %ENV if also called with no arguments. also, make sure it can be called more than once and still populate %ENV. [Geoffrey Young]

add APR::Brigade::pool() to allow access to the pool associated with the brigade [Geoffrey Young]

make 't/TEST -startup_timeout secs' working (previously user's value was ignored) [Stas]

ModPerl::Registry and friends now support non-parsed headers scripts, whose filename =~ /^nph-/, identically to mod_cgi. + test [Stas]

implement APR::Brigade::length() and APR::Brigade::flatten() (the latter implements a wrapper for apr_brigade_flatten, but also includes an emulation of apr_brigade_pflatten) as [Geoffrey Young]

($r|$s)->add_config() now die if failed (previously returned the error) [Stas]

fix context problems in <perl> sections and PerlModule/PerlLoadModule/PerlRequre under threaded mpms w/ PerlOptions +Parent/+Clone in Vhosts + TestVhost::config test. [Stas]

Implemented Apache::get_server_version and Apache::get_server_built as constant subroutines [Geoffrey Young]

Moved some functions out of the Apache:: namespace: Apache::unescape_url() is now Apache::URI::unescape_url() Apache::log_pid() is now Apache::Log::log_pid() Apache::LOG_MARK() is now Apache::Log::LOG_MARK() [Geoffrey Young]

if MP_AP_PREFIX is used apxs and apr-config from the apache build tree won't work, so it can't co-exist with MP_APXS and MP_APR_CONFIG build options - ensure that this doesn't happen. [Stas]

server_root_relative() now requires either a valid pool or an $r, $s, or $c object as a first argument. also, the returned result is a copy, protecting against cases where the pool would go out of scope before the result. [Geoffrey Young]

Check the success of sysopen in tmpfile() in compat [Geoffrey Young]

make sure DynaLoader is loaded before XSLoader, not only with perl 5.6.1, but always because of the issues with <Perl> sections are loaded from +Parent vhost [Stas]

added ($r|$s)->is_perl_option_enabled($option_name), to test for PerlOptions + tests [Stas]

On Solaris add a workaround for xs/APR/APR/Makefile.PL to build, correctly linked against apr and apr-util libs, by addding the missing -R paths corresponding to -L flags. EU::MM was adding them via LD_RUN_PATH instead of using -R, but since perl's lddflags may have -R it overrides LD_RUN_PATH. So explicitly add anything that may go into LD_RUN_PATH via -R. Also make sure that -R coming from Apache will appear first. [Brad Lanam <>]

'make dist' now generates and picks Apache-Test/META.yml which was always reported missing, as it was included in Apache-Test/MANIFEST [Stas]

fix the $r->read function to return undef on failure similar to the core perl function and make $! available for those who test for read() failures. [Stas]

Make sure that pnotes are destroyed after PerlCleanup handlers are finished and not before + test. [Stas]

1.99_12 - December 22, 2003

Restore a proper behavior of all Registry handlers, but PerlRun, not to reset %INC to forget any .pl files required during the script's execution. [Stas]

<Perl> are now evaluating code into one distinct namespace per container, similar to ModPerl::Registry scripts. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Fix ModPerl::MM::WriteMakefile to use the MODPERL_CCOPTS entry from Apache::BuildConfig, as it contains some flags added by mod_perl, which aren't in perl_ccopts and ap_ccopts. [Stas]

Add the implementation of Apache::Connection::local_addr and Apache::Connection::remote_addr to the Apache::compat overridable functions. [Stas]

Apache::compat's implementation of APR::URI::unparse, Apache::RequestRec::finfo and Apache::RequestRec::notes is now overridable and not enabled by default. [Stas]

Apache::compat no longer enables functions which collide with mp2 API by default. It provides two new functions: override_mp2_api and restore_mp2_api to override and restore the original mp2 API. [Stas]

For Win32, add a .bat extension to candidates for the apxs and apr-config utilities used in Apache::Build, so that the -x file test can potentially succeed [Randy Kobes]

Plug a memory leak with 'perl-script' not cleaning up the temp vars created during the override of STDIN/STDOUT to use the :Apache IO layer [Stas]

libgtop config (needed for enabling MOD_PERL_TRACE=m) is now searched using the gnome packaging tools if available (pkg-config for gnome-2.x and gnome-config for gnome-1.x) [Stas]

Prevent a problem where an autovivified package (stash) prevents from modperl_mgv to load the file with that package (until now it was checking whether the stash existed already and skipped the loading if that was the case). Now checking %INC and attempting to load the module. Reporting the failure only if the module has failed to load and the stash is not defined (so that it's possible to autovivify packages without loading them from an external file). [Stas]

MaxClients is now overridable from the t/TEST -maxclients command line option (it was hardcoded before). [Stas]

Postpone the allocation of the wbucket in filters till the moment it's needed (if at all). Since non-streaming filters aren't going to use that buffer, it's a waste to allocate/free it. [Stas]

Extend the autogenerated bug report to include information about installed modules of special interest (which may aid in understanding the bug report), such as, Apache::Request, LWP, etc. [Stas]

As the test suite keeps on growing, it takes longer time to startup. Change the main test suite timeout to 180 secs for threaded mpms and 120 secs for non-threaded ones. [Stas]

use plain malloc/free to allocate filter structs, since they could be invoked hundreds of times during a single request, causing huge memory demands if the memory is allocated from the pool, which gets destroyed only at the end of a request. [Stas]

Fix a compilation error in APX.xs when MP_HAVE_APR_LIBS is not defined [Fred Moyer <>]

fix a memory leak when $filter->ctx is used [Stas]

fix buglet on Win32 (and potentially other non-Unix platforms) where not all files were being installed under a relative Apache2 subdirectory when MP_INST_APACHE2 was specified [Randy Kobes].

deprecated APR::SockAddr::port_get()/APR::SockAddr::port_set() replaced with direct access to the port record via APR::SockAddr::port(). [Geoffrey Young, Stas]

deprecated APR::URI::default_port_for_scheme() replaced with APR::URI::port_of_scheme() [Geoffrey Young]

deprecated APR::SockAddr::ip_set() and APR::NO_TIMEOUT removed. [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::MPM->is_threaded() replaces Apache::MPM_IS_THREADED [Geoffrey Young]

fix "PerlSetVar Foo 0" so that $r->dir_config('Foo') returns 0, not undef [Geoffrey Young]

add Apache::MPM class, along with show() and query() class methods [Geoffrey Young]

add :mpmq import tag to Apache::Const [Geoffrey Young]

Fix ModPerl::Registry handlers family to modify $0 only for the duration of the handler, by localizing it [Stas]

Fix :Apache perlio's STDOUT to be reentrant + modules/include_subreq test [Stas]

fix slurp_filename to always open the file and not try to guess whether filename has been already opened, as there is no reliable way to accomplish that [Stas]

Apache->can_stack_handlers is now in Apache::compat (mp2 always can stack handlers) [Stas]

add access to $r->finfo() and related APR::Finfo methods, such as $r->finfo->size(), $r->finfo->mtime(), and $r->finfo->stat() [Geoffrey Young]

add :filetype import tag to APR::Const [Geoffrey Young]

<Perl> sections now properly set $0 to the name of the configuration file they are in. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

Apache::Status: provide a workaround for Config::myconfig() which fails under threads with (5.8.0 < perl < 5.8.3) [Elizabeth Mattijsen <>]

Fix Apache::Status::handler to return 'Apache::OK' [Juanma Barranquero <>]

<Perl> sections now properly set filename and line number information, making error messages report the correct location. [Philippe M. Chiasson]

1.99_11 - November 10, 2003

add a build/win32_fetch_apxs script (called within the top-level Makefile.PL) to offer to fetch and install a Win32 development version of apxs and (apr|apu)-config [Randy Kobes]

rewrite $r->read() and perlio read functions to use the same function, which completely satisfies the read request if possible, on the way getting rid of get_client_block and its supporting functions which have problems and will most likely will be removed from the httpd-API in the future. Directly manipulate bucket brigades instead. [Stas]

Since pops /foo/Apache2 dirs to the top of @INC, it now also takes care of keeping lib and blib dirs before the system dirs, so that previously installed libraries won't get loaded instead of the currently uninstalled libraries that are under test. [Stas]

When 'make test' fails we now print the info on what to do next [Stas]

At the end of 'make install' we now print the info how to proceed with mod_perl and what to do in the case of post-install problems [Geoffrey Young]

Adjust the source to properly work with 5.8.2's new algorithm of dynamic re-hashing of hashes on hash collision attack. [Nicholas Clark <>, Stas]. Add a test that mounts such an attack so we can verify that we can survive this rehashing. [Scott A Crosby <>, Nicholas Clark <>, Tels <>, Mark Jason Dominus <>, Stas]

Standardize the Apache::PerlSections package name to it's plural form for clarity and so that the pod gets glued in it's proper place. [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

return value from Perl callbacks are now passed directly to Apache without additional post-call manipulations (such as assuming HTTP_OK should really be OK). [Geoffrey Young]

perl 5.8.1 w/ ithreads has a bug where it reports the wrong parent pid (as if the process was never forked), provide a local workaround (+ new test). [Rafael Garcia-Suarez <>]

overridden STD* streams now can be further overridden and will be properly restored, which allows functions like $r->internal_redirect work (+add tests) [Stas]

implement perlio's getarg hook, which now allows duping STD* streams overloaded by modperl [Stas]

Add PerlMapToStorageHandler [Geoffrey Young]

callbacks are now expected to return a meaningful value (OK, SERVER_ERROR, etc) or return via an official API (exit, die, etc). relying on implicit returns from the last call evaluated by a subroutine may result in server errors. [Stas, Geoffrey Young]

in the MP_MAINTAINER mode add the -Werror compilation flag when perl v5.6.2 or higher is used, so that we don't miss compilation warnings. [Stas]

fix the Makefile.PL option parser to support overriding of certain build options, in addition to appending to them (.e.g. now MP_LIBNAME is overridable) [Andrew Wyllie <>]

make sure that connection filters won't be inserted as request filters [Stas]

Prevent the 'Use of uninitialized value.' warning when ModPerl::Util::exit is used. [Stas]

To make the test-suite sandbox-friendly, which break when things try to run off /tmp, use t/logs as the location of the mod_cgid socket and TMPDIR env var [Haroon Rafique <>]

1.99_10 - September 29, 2003

added Apache::CRLF, Apache::CR, and Apache::LF to Apache::Const's :platform group [Geoffrey Young]

make sure that the custom pools are destroyed only once and only when all references went out of scope [Stas]

($r|$c)->add_(input|output)_filter(\&handler) now verify that the filter of the right kind is passed and will refuse to add a request filter as a connection filter and vice versa. The request filter handler is not required to have the FilterRequestHandler attribute as long as it doesn't have any other attributes. The connection filter handler is required to have the FilterConnectionHandler attribute. [Stas]

fix tracing with (PerlTrace/MOD_PERL_TRACE) on win32 (the error_log filehandle was invalid after the open_logs phase) [Stas]

fix a bug where %ENV vars set via subprocess_env persist across requests. (e.g. a Cookie incoming header which ends up in $ENV{HTTP_COOKIE} would persist to the next request which has no Cookie header at all). Now we unset all the %ENV vars set from subprocess_env. Improve and extend the tests to cover this bug. [Stas]

it is invalid to return HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR or any other HTTP response code from modperl_wbucket_pass, therefore set the error code into r->status and return APR_SUCCESS. Until now response handler with messed up response headers, were causing no response what so ever to the client. LWP was assuming 500, and it was all fine, testing without LWP has immediately revealed that there was a problem in the handling of this case. [Stas]

put the end to the 'Not a CODE reference' errors, instead provide an intelligent error message, hopefully telling which function can't be found. at the same time improve the tracing to include the pid/tid of the server that has encountered this problem, to make it easier to debug. [Stas]

mod_perl handler must be duped for any mpm which runs within USE_ITHREAD. Until now there was a big problem with prefork mpm if any of its vhosts was using PerlOptions +(Parent|Clone) and happened to load handlers before the main server. When that was happening the main server will see that the handler was resolved (since it sees the handler struct from the vhost that loaded this module, instead of its own), which in fact it wasn't, causing the failure to run the handler with the infamous 'Not a CODE reference' error. [Stas]

Make sure that the static mod_perl library is built after the dynamic (a requirement on win32) [Steve Hay <>]

Apache::Status now generates HTML 4.01 Strict (and in many cases, also ISO-HTML) compliant output. Also add a simple CSS to make the reports look nicer. [Ville Skyttä <>]

APR::Pool::DESTROY implemented and tweaked to only destroy pools created via APR::Pool->new() [Geoffrey Young]

$r->slurp_filename is now implemented in C. [Stas]

remove support for httpd 2.0.45/apr 0.9.3 and lower. httpd 2.0.46 is now the minimum supported version. [Geoffrey Young]

APR::PerlIO now accepts the pool object instead of a request/server objects, so it can be used anywhere, including outside mod_perl [Stas]

when perl is built with perlio enabled (5.8+) the new PerlIO Apache layer is used, so now one can push layers onto STDIN, STDOUT handles e.g. binmode(STDOUT, ':utf8'); [Stas]

add ap_table_compress() to APR::Table [Geoffrey Young]

alter stacked handler interface so that mod_perl follows Apache as closely as possible with respect to VOID/RUN_FIRST/RUN_ALL handler types. now, for phases where OK ends the Apache call list (RUN_FIRST handlers, such as the PerlTransHandler), mod_perl follows suit and leaves some handlers uncalled. [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::Build now tries to use the new APR_BINDIR query string to find the location of apr-config. [Stas]

new package Apache::porting to make it easier to port mp1 code to mp2 [Stas]

new Apache::Build methods: mpm_name(), mpm_is_threaded(). use them in the top-level Makefile.PL to require 5.8.0/ithreads if mpm requires threads. [Stas]

add the missing XS methods to ModPerl::MethodLookup, add support for mp1 methods that are no longer in the mod_perl 2.0 API. [Stas]

mod_perl now refuses to build against threaded mpms (non-prefork) unless perl 5.8+ w/ithreads is used [Stas]

don't try to read PERL_HASH_SEED env var, where apr_env_get is not available (apr < 0.9.3) [Stas] now can be loaded and used outside mod_perl (all the way back to httpd 2.0.36) [Stas]

perl 5.8.1 randomizes the hash seed, because we precalculate the hash values of mgv elements the hash seed has to be the same across all perl interpreters. So mod_perl now intercepts cases where perl would have randomize it, do the seed randomization by itself and tell perl to use that value. [Stas]

fix APR::PerlIO layer to pop itself if open() has failed. [Stas]

move the definition of DEFINE='-DMP_HAVE_APR_LIBS' to the top level Makefile.PL, since it overrides MY::pasthru target which makes it impossible to define local DEFINE in subdirs. [Stas]

make APR perl functions work outside mod_perl: several libraries weren't linked. Also LIBS needs to receive all libs in one string. [Stas]

Apache::compat: $r->cgi_env, $r->cgi_var are now aliases to $r->subprocess_env [Stas]

For Win32, generate .pdb files for debugging when built with MP_DEBUG. These will get installed into the same directory as the associated dll/so libs. As well, install mod_perl.lib into MP_AP_PREFIX/lib/ for use by 3rd party modules [Randy Kobes]. is now autogenerated and will adjust @INC to include Apache2/ subdirs only if built with MP_INST_APACHE2=1 [Stas]

Change the default value for the argument 'readbytes' for ap_get_brigade(), from 0 to 8192. other than being useless, 0 always triggers an assert in httpd internal filters and 8192 is a good default. [Stas]

Fix DynaLoader breakage when using DL_GLOBAL on OpenBSD [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

renamed the private modperl_module_config_get_obj function to modperl_module_config_create_obj, since the logic creates the object but doesn't dig it out if it already exists. then, moved logic from mpxs_Apache__Module_get_config into a new public C function that reused the old name, modperl_module_config_get_obj. while Apache::Module->get_config exists as a wrapper to return the object to Perl space, now C/XS folks can also access the object directly with the public function. [Geoffrey Young]

Apache::Reload: add a new config variable: ReloadConstantRedefineWarnings to optionally shut off the constant sub redefine warnings [Stas]

implement $parms->info. directive handlers should now be complete. [Geoffrey Young]

MP_GTOP now works with modern GCC [Philippe M. Chiasson <]

add missing dependencies to Apache::PerlSections [Geoffrey Young]

$r->get_client_block is bogus in httpd-2.0.45 (and ealier), as it can't handle EOS buckets arriving in the same bucket brigade with data. so rewrite ModPerl::Test::read_post to use an explicit read through all bucket brigades till it sees eos and then it stops. The code is longer but it works correctly. [Stas]

an attempt to resolve the binary compatibility problem in PerlIOAPR_seek API when APR_HAS_LARGE_FILES=0 [Stas]

perl 5.8.0 forgets to export PerlIOBase_noop_fail, causing problems on win32 and aix. reimplement this function locally to solve the problem. APR::PerlIO should now be useful on win32 and aix [Stas]

implement DECLINE_CMD and DIR_MAGIC_TYPE constants [Geoffrey Young]

allow init filter handlers to call other methods than just $f->ctx [Stas]

Fix Apache::Reload to gracefully handle the case with empty Touchfiles [Dmitri Tikhonov <>]

PerlRequire entried should be executed before PerlModule entries in VirtualHost containers, just like in the base server [Stas]

1.99_09 - April 28, 2003

$filter->seen_eos() now accepts 1/0 to set/unset the flag so streaming filters can control the sending of EOS. [Stas]

support systems where apr header files are installed separately from httpd header files ["Andres Salomon" <>]

implement init filter handlers + tests [Stas]

improving ModPerl::MethodLookup to: - handle more aliased perl XS functions - sort the methods map struct so one can use the autogenerated map as is - add lookup_module, tells which methods are defined by a given module - add lookup_object, tells which methods can be called on a given object - provide autoexported wrappers print_method, print_module and print_object for easy deployment from the command line [Stas]

add Perl glue for functions: APR::Socket::timeout_get APR::Socket::timeout_set [Stas]

similar to SetEnv, upcase the env keys for PassEnv on platforms with caseless env (e.g. win32) []

Add a backcompat wrapper for $r->notes (mp2 supports only the APR::Table API) [Stas]

Add a script mp2bug and a target 'make bugreport', so people can use bugreporting during the build and after modperl is installed. [Stas]

Add a script mp2doc as a replacement for perldoc (due to 2.0 modules living under Apache2, which won't be looked at by perldoc). [Stas]

Add a constant APR::PerlIO::PERLIO_LAYERS_ARE_ENABLED and use it in tests [Stas]

Require perl 5.8 or higher when building mod_perl on OSes requiring ithreads (e.g., win32), since 5.6.x ithreads aren't good. [Stas]

MP_COMPAT_1X=0 now can be passed to Makefile.PL to disable mp1-back-compat compile-time features + adjust tests. [Stas]

<SERVER_ROOT> and <SERVER_ROOT>/lib/perl are now added to @INC, just like mod_perl 1.0 with MP_COMPAT_1X=1 (currently enabled by default). [Stas]

The Perl-5.8.0 crypt() workaround is now used only if 5.8.0 is used, since 5.8.1-tobe/5.9.0-tobe(blead-perl) won't compile with it. [Geoffrey Young]

new directives PerlSetInputFilter and PerlSetOutputFilter, which are the same as SetInputFilter and SetOutputFilter respectively, but allow to insert non-mod_perl filters before, between or after mod_perl filters. + tests [Stas]

improved filters debug tracing [Stas]

implement $filter->remove (filter self-removal) + tests [Stas]

remove the second-guessing code that was trying to guess the package name to load from the handler configuration (by stripping ::string and trying to load the package). fall back to using explicit PerlModule to load modules whose handler sub name is not called 'handler' + adjust tests. [Stas]

set the magic taint flags before modules are required [Stas]

make sure to set base server's mip before any of the PerlRequire/PerlModule directives are called, since they may add add_config(), which in turn runs Perl sections or PerlLoadModule, which may need the scfg->mip to be set. [Stas]

ModPerl::MM is now ready to be used in Makefile.PL of 3rd party mod_perl modules [Stas and Geoff]

fix a segfault caused by PerlModule in $s->add_config, due to setting the MP_init_done flag before init was done + add test [Stas]

adjust the generated Makefile's to properly build on aix (tested on powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0) [Stas]

the build now automatically glues the .pod files to the respective .pm files, so one can use perldoc on .pm files to read the documentation. [Stas]

provide a workaround for ExtUtils::MakeMaker::mv_all_methods, so ModPerl::BuildMM and ModPerl::MM can override EU::MM methods behind the scenes. [Stas]

adding ModPerl::BuildMM, which is now used for building mod_perl. ModPerl::MM will be used for 3rd party modules. ModPerl::BuildMM reuses ModPerl::MM where possible. [Stas]

drop the glue code for apr_generate_random_bytes, since it's not available on all platforms. [Stas]

Since non-threaded mpms don't use tipools in mips, don't create and destroy them. [Stas]

re-use the workaround for glibc/Perl-5.8.0 crypt() bug for the main/vhost base perl interpreters as well. This solves the problem for the buggy glibc on RH8.0. [Stas]

send_cgi_header now turns the header parsing off and can send any data attached after the response headers as a response body. [Stas]

move the check that print/printf/puts/write/etc are called in the response phase into the functions themselves so 1) we can print a more useful error message 2) this check is not always needed in modperl_wbucket_write, when called internally, so we save some cycles. [Stas]

add checks that print/printf/puts/write/etc are called in the response phase. move the check into the functions themselves so we can print a more useful error message [Stas]

'make install' now installs mod_perl*h files under httpd's include tree [Stas]

When PerlOptions +ParseHeaders is an effect, the CGI headers parsing won't be done if any *mod_perl* handler before and including the response phase, sets $r->content_type. (similar behavior to mp1's send_http_header() [Stas]

Registry: make sure that $r is not in the scope when the script is compiled [Stas]

$Apache::Server::SaveConfig added. When set to a true value, will not clear the content of Apache::ReadConfig:: once <Perl > sections are processed. [Philippe M. Chiasson <]

Apache::compat: support 1.0's Apache->push_handlers, Apache->set_handlers and Apache->get_handlers [Stas]

revamp the code handling output flushing and flush bucket sending. Namelly modperl_wbucket_flush and modperl_wbucket_pass now can be told to send a flush bucket by themselves, attaching it to the data bb they are already sending. This halfs the number of output filter invocations when the response handler flushes output via $| or rflush. adjust tests, which were counting the number of invocations. [Stas]

move ModPerl::RegistryCooker to use a hash as object (similar to mp1), to make it easier to subclass. [Nathan Byrd <>]

$r->rflush has to flush internal modperl buffer before calling ap_rflush, so implement rflush, instead of autogenerating the xs code for it. [Stas]

fix the input filters handling of DECLINED handlers (consume the data, on behalf of the handler) + tests [Stas]

fix the code that autogenerates modperl_largefiles.h not to define macros matching m/^-/ (was a problem on aix-4.3.3) [Stas]

$Apache::Server::StrictPerlSections added. When set to a true value, will abort server startup if there are syntax errors in <Perl > sections [Philippe M. Chiasson <]

Use Win32::GetShortPathName for Win32 to handle cases when the supplied MP_AP_PREFIX contains spaces. [Randy Kobes]

Bump up ThreadsPerChild for mpm_winnt in httpd.conf, which seems to help avoid server startup problems when running the tests. [Randy Kobes]

implement a new helper module ModPerl::MethodLookup to help figure out which module should be loaded when a certain method is reported to be missing. [Stas]

fix a bug for apr < 0.9.3, where it segfaults in apr_uri_unparse, if hostname is set, but not the scheme. In case the hostname is defined but scheme is not Apache::compat will default to the 'http' scheme, whereas APR::URI::unparse provides no default [Stas]

move $r->send_http_header implementation to Apache::compat. This allows the 1.0 code to run unmodified if $r->send_http_header is called before the response change. we already handle the check whether content_type was set, when deciding whether the headers are to be parsed inside modperl_wbucket_pass(). [Stas]

fixes to Apache::compat. make $r->connection->auth_type interface with r->ap_auth_type. make both $r->connection->auth_type and $r->connection->user writable. [Geoffrey Young]

Open up r->ap_auth_type, making it possible to write custom authen handlers that don't rely on Basic authentication or it's associated ap_* functions. [Geoffrey Young]

add Apache::Bundle2 [Stas]

Apache::Reload now supports the PerlPreConnectionHandler invocation mode, so connection filter and protocol modules can be automatically reloaded on change. [Stas]

implement Apache::current_callback + $r->current_callback goes into Apache::compat, since now we have a way too many callbacks unrelated to $r [Stas]

Add Apache::compat methods: $r->connection->auth_type and $r->connection->user (requires 'PerlOptions +GlobalRequest') + tests [Stas]

Several issues resolved with parsing headers, including making work the handlers calling $r->content_type() and not sending raw headers, when the headers scanning is turned on. Lots of tests added to exercise different situations. [Stas]

warn on using -T in ModPerl::Registry scripts when mod_perl is not running with -T [Stas]

perl 5.7.3+ has a built-in ${^TAINT} to test whether it's running under -(T|t). Backport ${^TAINT} for mod_perl running under 5.6.0-5.7.3, (what used to be $Apache::__T. $Apache::__T is available too, but deprecated. [Stas]

add PerlChildExitHandler implementation [Stas]

add PerlCleanupHandler implementation + test [Stas]

die when Apache->request returns nothing ('PerlOptions -GlobalRequest' or 'SetHandler modperl') [Stas]

New Apache::Directive methods: as_hash(), lookup() + tests + docs [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

Stacked handlers chain execution is now aborted when a handler returns something other than OK or DECLINED [Stas]

make $filter->read() in input streaming filters, use the same number of arguments as read() in the output filters. [Stas]

Implement $r->add_input_filter and $r->add_output_filter $c->add_input_filter and $c->add_output_filter and add tests [Stas]

Skip the handler package::func resolving error, only when the error message matches "Can't locate .*? in @INC", rather than just "Can't locate", since there are many other errors that start with that string. [Stas]

the top level 'make test' now descends into the ModPerl-Registry dir to run 'make test' there [Stas]

All response functions are now returning status and the callers check and croak on failure or progate them further. [Stas]

OPEN, CLOSE and FILENO implementation for Apache::RequestRec [Stas]

Another fix for the handling of the return status in ModPerl::RegistryCooker: reset the status to the original one only if it was changed by the script, otherwise return the execution status [Stas]

prevent segfault in $r->print / $filter->print (in output filter) and related functions when they are called before the response phase [Stas]

prevent segfault in send_http_header when it's called before the response phase [Stas]

input stream filtering support was added + tests (plus renaming filter tests so we can know from the test name what kind of filter is tested) [Stas]

Add proper support for mis-behaved feeding filters that send more than one EOS bucket in streaming filters + test. [Stas]

prevent a segfault when push_handlers are used to push a handler into the currently phase and switching the handler (perl-script/modperl) + tests [Stas]

Add $filter->seen_eos to the streaming filter api to know when eos has been seen, so special signatures can be passed and any data stored in the context flushed + tests. [Stas]

Add $filter->ctx to maintain state between filter invocation + tests [Stas]

Request input and output filters are now getting the EOS bucket, which wasn't passed through before. Now the context can be flushed on EOS. [Stas]

1.99_08 - January 10, 2003

Correct ModPerl::RegistryCooker to reset %INC, after compile for .pl files which don't declare the package + add tests to check that [Stas]

Log the real error message when Foo::Bar::sub_name fails to resolve, because of a problem in Foo::Bar, when Foo::Bar *was* found [Stas]

Add PerlPreConnectionHandler support in Apache::Test [Stas]

Enable PerlPreConnectionHandler [Stas]

Support the Host: request header in Apache::TestClient [Stas]

restore the ModPerl::RegistryLoader::new() method for backwards compatibility [Stas]

port the support for NameWithVirtualHost in ModPerl::RegistryCooker and ModPerl::RegistryLoader [Stas]

fix the handling of the return status in ModPerl::RegistryCooker, add a test to verify that [Stas]

under non-threaded perl need to check whether mod_perl is running, when modperl_vhost_is_running check is done. [Stas]

fix $r->read to read all the requested amount of data if possible, adjust the test TestApache::read to verify that [Stas]

fix the method content() in Apache::compat to read a whole request body. same for ModPerl::Test::read_post. add tests. [Stas]

Adjust the reverse filter test to work on win32 (remove trailing \r) [Randy Kobes <>]

Strongly suggest win32 users to upgrade to 5.8.0, if they run 5.6.x [Randy Kobes <>]

When installing the mod_perl shared object, first need to check whether the directory 'modules' already exists, and create it if not. [Randy Kobes <>]

Add a capability to tune the test configuration sections ordering in Apache::TestConfigPerl [Stas Bekman]

fix the complaining code about late PerlSwitches when PerlLoadModule is used before it [Stas Bekman]

add various tests that exercise PerlLoadModule and vhosts [Stas Bekman]

handle correctly PerlLoadModules (directives) with vhosts: - handle gracefully cases when things are undef/NULL - handle the case when scfg==NULL, by stealing the base_servers's config [Stas Bekman]

make mod_perl work with vhosts when the server is started prior to post_config(): - call modperl_init_globals as early as possible, because the main server record is needed during the configuration parsing, for perlloadmodule and vhosts - also make sure that we are using a real base_server, when dealing with modperl_init, and if not retrieve it from the global record [Stas Bekman]

prevent segfaults, when scfg is NULL in Apache::Module->get_config(); [Stas Bekman]

ensure that a core file is a file indeed, before complaining [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

add $r->as_string [Geoffrey Young]

add backcompat vars: $Apache::Server::CWD and $Apache::Server::AddPerlVersion [Stas Bekman]

env var MOD_PERL_TRACE is working again [Stas Bekman]

add a new test TestDirective::perlloadmodule2, which performs a more evolved merging. [Stas Bekman]

fix Apache::TestConfigPerl under mod_perl 1.0, need to require before using $mod_perl::VERSION [Geoffrey Young]

add an Apache::SIG backcompat stub to Apache::compat [Stas Bekman]

fix the Apache::TestConfigPerl's run_apache_test_config() function where test packages are scanned for the magic APACHE_TEST_CONFIGURE and if found get require()'d. Apache2 needs to be run for mod_perl 2.0. [Stas Bekman]

move the custom mod_perl 2.0 configuration bits out of the ModPerl::TestRun, where they don't belong, into a special config file which is included at the very end of httpd.conf [Stas Bekman]

extend Apache::Test to allow extra configuration files to be included at the very end of httpd.conf, when everything was loaded and configured [Stas Bekman]

resolve a segfault in Apache::Module::get_config() for the edge case when the package name is bogus. [Stas Bekman]

Apache::Reload: add support for watching and reloading modules only in specified sub-dirs [Harry Danilevsky <>]

enable's linking for apr 0.9.2 and higher, which uses a new lib naming scheme, such as, only if apr-config and apu-config scripts exist. [Stas Bekman]

define IoTYPE_RDONLY/IoTYPE_WRONLY for perl-5.6.0 so the project compiles again under 5.6.0 [Stas Bekman]

allow output streaming filters to append data to the end of the stream [Stas Bekman]

fixes to compile with ActivePerl 5.8 beta [Randy Kobes <>]

fix for directive handlers within vhosts using threaded MPMs [Stephen Clouse <>]

fix <IfDefine MODPERL2> support

default AuthType to Basic if not set in $r->get_basic_auth_pw() [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

workaround glibc/Perl-5.8.0 crypt() bug (seen with threaded MPMs)

fix delete $ENV{$key} bug

fix parse_args compat method to support non-ascii characters and tr/+/ / [Walery Studennikov <>]

fix post_connection compat method to behave as it did in 1.x [Geoffrey Young]

add support for setting $r->auth_name and $r->auth_type [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

add Apache->httpd_conf compat method [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

add default <Perl> handler Apache::PerlSection. make <Perl> blocks to be EXEC_ON_READ so apache does not parse the contents. add "Perl" directive for general use and for which <Perl> sections are stuffed into. [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

rename overloaded LoadModule directive to PerlLoadModule and adjust the test naming

1.99_07 - September 25, 2002

fix =pod directive test config problem [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

1.99_06 - September 25, 2002

add support for pod directives (=pod,=back,=cut) and __END__ directive [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

tweaks to support 1.21 [Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

add $r->add_config method to add dynamic configuration at request time

add Apache::DIR_MAGIC_TYPE constant

add support for directive handlers

fix source_scan to run with current httpd/apr

add Apache::Server->add_config method to add dynamic configuration at server startup time

add Apache::Directive->to_string method

add support for pluggable <Perl> sections

fix compilation probs with get_remote_host() that had a wrong prototype [Stas Bekman]

Apache::SubProcess now has a manpage [Stas Bekman]

fix the Apache::SubProcess tests to work with perlio-disabled Perl [Stas Bekman]

fix the filehandle leak in APR::PerlIO (both perlio-disabled and perlio-enabled Perl) [Stas Bekman]

remove dup() when converting filehandles from apr_file_t to FILE* under perlio-disabled Perl (APR::PerlIO) [Stas Bekman]

fix compilation if apache/apr do not have thread support

1.99_05 - August 20, 2002

fix PerlOptions +ParseHeaders to only parse once per-request

add external redirects Registry tests [Stas Bekman]

get rid of the compat layer in ModPerl-Registry [Stas Bekman]

ModPerl::RegistryLoader is now fully operational and tested [Stas Bekman]

Registry method handlers are now working [Stas Bekman]

core Registry packages all compile the scripts into ModPerl::RegistryROOT:: namespace and cache them in %ModPerl::RegistryCache. Both overridable by the sub-classes. [Stas Bekman]

compat tests were split into groups by functionality, send_fd test moved to compat. [Stas Bekman]

added $c->get_remote_host and a compat wrapper $r->get_remote_host + tests [Stas Bekman]

adjust the build system to support mod_perl build from the source tree. [Stas Bekman]

ModPerl::RegistryCooker syncs with mod_perl 1.0's registry: - prototypes defined checks in flush_namespace [Yair Lenga <>] - set error-notes on error [Geoffrey Young] - preserve status in Registry scripts [Geoffrey Young]

apr_table_t is now an opaque type, use apr_table_elts() to get the array record [Stas Bekman]

add support for redirects with PerlOptions +ParseHeaders

backport to 2.0.35

adjust to filter register api change

added APR::ThreadMutex module

1.99_04 - June 21, 2002

various APR PerlIO updates [Stas Bekman]

stop using an apr_pool_t to allocate items for the interpreter pool, safer for threaded MPMs and prevents "leaks" when interpreters are removed from due to PerlInterpMax{Requests,Spare}

implement modperl_sys_dlclose() to avoid apr/pool overhead/thread issues

get the -DPERL_CORE optimization working again

PERL_SET_CONTEXT to the parent interpreter when cloning interpreters at request time, else dTHX might be NULL during clone in the given thread, which would crash the server.

1.99_03 - June 15, 2002

win32 fix for the global Apache->request object to make sure it uses the thread local storage mechanism

add a reference count mechanism to interpreters for use in threaded MPMs, so if APR::Pool cleanups have been registered the interpreter is not putback into the interpreter pool until all cleanups have run.

unbuffer STDERR (by turning on autoflush by default)

add support for Perl*Handler +Apache::Foo

fix open_logs,post_config,child_init hooks to run in the proper order

adjust to apr_bucket_type_t changes in 2.0.37-dev [Mladen Turk <>]

add MODPERL2 config define, as if the server had been started with -DMODPERL2

compat additions and fixes: $r->lookup_{file,uri}, $r->is_main, Apache->define

added compat for Apache::log_error [Stas Bekman]

1.99_02 - June 1, 2002

pass the PATH and TZ environment variables at startup by default as 1.xx did

fix ModPerl::Util::exit segv with 5.6.0

no longer support 5.7.x perl development versions

added compat for Apache::Table->new

various fixes to compile/run on darwin

server-scope Perl{Set,Pass}Env config now propagated to %ENV at startup

use SvOK(sv) instead of sv == &PL_sv_undef to detect undef values in xs [Stephen Clouse <>]

complete Apache::Util 1.x compat

added Apache::MPM_IS_THREADED constant

added compat function for Apache::Constants::SERVER_VERSION

added Apache::Constants::export stub for compat

added noop stubs for timeout functions removed from 2.0: $r->{soft,hard,reset,kill}_timeout

turned on PerlOptions +GlobalRequest by default for perl-script handler unless it is explicitly turned off with PerlOptions -GlobalRequest

added APR::OS::thread_current function

added support for 1.x $r->subprocess_env functionality

added support for $r->push_handlers(PerlHandler => ...)

added support for $r->proxyreq to detect proxy requests

$r->content_type($val) now calls ap_set_content_type underneath

add the err_header_out() wrapper to Apache::compat + corresponding tests [Stas Bekman]

fix $r->dir_config lookup of values set in the server context

added Apache::REDIRECT shortcut constant

various fixes for method handlers

use Apache::ServerUtil in Apache::compat so Apache->server works in compat mode [Dave Rolsky <>]

add Apache::Util::unescape_uri alias to Apache::unescape_url in Apache::compat

change Apache::unescape_url to return the escaped url as 1.x does

disabled term coloring by default (enable with env var APACHE_TEST_COLOR=1)

fix for APR::IpSubnet->new to check return status apr_ipsubnet_create

enabled APR::SockAddr module

turn on binmode for filehandle used in $r->send_fd

get MP_{TRACE,DEBUG} Makefile.PL options working on win32

various fixes to build/run with bleedperl

various fixes for win32 to get make test passing

moved constuct_{url,server} methods to Apache::URI module

implement Apache::URI::parse in Apache::compat

give Perl*Handlers precedence over other handlers by using APR_HOOK_FIRST rather than APR_HOOK_LAST

workaround bug in 5.6.1 when XSLoader loads DynaLoader, wiping out any dl handles it had been keeping track of.

tidy up test to run standalone (without modperl test config) [Stas Bekman]

override T_PTROBJ INPUT typemap to croak if object is not a blessed reference, to prevent possible segv from e.g. Apache::Server->process

apr_lock.h is gone; disable APR::Lock for the moment

enabled the Apache::Process module

fix ModPerl::Util::exit to clear $@ before calling Perl_croak

cut down on some build noise

fix 'PerlOptions +GlobalRequest' when used within subrequests

get rid of some "subroutine redefined" warnings in ModPerl::MM that show up with newer bleedperls.

a few fixes for Apache::compat [Dave Rolsky <>]

1.99_01 - April 6, 2002

First public release of mod_perl-2.0-tobe.