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Changes for version 0.58


Argos code interface
Implements Argos::Code
Implements Argos::Code
Implements Argos::Code
Argos configuration interface.
Implements Argos::Conf
Implements Argos::Conf
Controls Argos via a SQLite database
Data collection
Implements Vulcan::DirConf
Data processing
DB interface to Ceres index
Process pulse from sender.
Send pulse to receiver.
Cluster information interpreter. Extends Hermes::Range
Covert root cluster dbs into cache db
callback interface to Hermes
DB interface to Hermes cache data
DB interface to Hermes root data
Integer Range
KeySet implementation
Hermes Object Interface.
Extends Hermes::KeySet.
A maintenance platform
Load/Inspect maintenance configs
Controls maintenance via a SQLite database
Janus logging
Implements Vulcan::DirConf
Load maintenence plugin code.
Load maintenence plugin configuration.
Interface for MIO modules
Run multiple commands in parallel.
Run multiple SSH commands in parallel.
Make multiple TCP connections in parallel.
Send multiple UPD datagrams in parallel.
Applies transforms. Extends Pan::Repo.
Implements Vulcan::DirConf
File manangement through RCS.
group management interface
Load and inspect transform code/conf
A plugin execution platform
Implements Vulcan::DirConf
Poros query
Rotate log files and keep directories clean of cruft.
CLI for daemontools service.
Interface module: directory configuration with a YAML file.
Get command line options.
Evaluate input according to supplied rules
thread safe logger
Replicate data via phased rsync
data distribution via multicast
network mappings of data centers
Get command line options.
Advisory lock using a regular file
SQLite database interface
Multi-dimensional Sort
Become a user by setting uid or invoking sudo
manipulate symbolic links
Get various system statistics through sar, df, etc.
A suite of cluster administration tools and platforms


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