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Changes for version 5.20240218 - 2024-02-18

  • add entry for "UTF-8 string" in perlglossary (PR#99, Felipe Gasper)
  • update the bug tracker advice to de-emphasize (PR#107, brian d foy)
  • plug CLDR::Number instead of Number::Format in perlfaq5 (PR#108, brian d foy)
  • misc code sample fixes in perlfaq4 (PR#109, brian d foy)
  • minor wording fixes in perlfaq5 (Karen Etheridge)
  • fix assertion about Python and closures (PR#114, E. Choroba)
  • improve the section on uniq perlfaq4 (PR#116, E. Choroba)
  • remove mention of Perl 4 in perlfaq1 (PR#113, Joelle Maslak)
  • document that smartmatch, given and when will be removed in Perl 5.42 (PR#115, Philippe Bruhat (BooK))


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