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Changes for version v2.2.0 - 2018-03-15

  • RT fixes are for issues 82034, 84443, 121522, 122210, and 122212.
  • Updated Changes file to include v2.1.2 changes.
  • Fix pmfunc to complain about missing functions.
  • Fix pmfunc test to use an example that is (still) a function (uses Cwd::chdir instead of the obsolete Cwd::getcwd).
  • Fix pmfunc POD to use an example that is (still) a function.
  • Add pmfunc tests for function signature and function body.
  • Fix podpath to detect POD in the file, in case the .pm file is found before the .pod file.
  • Fix faqpods for Fedora, which can put new FAQs in the $Config{'vendorlib'} directory instead.
  • Fix pminst to follow symlinks.
  • Fix podgrep to once again accept options (broken when pmtools started using 'use strict').
  • Fix podgrep to eliminate spurious message about Config::Config (which is actually used only once).
  • Added DB() == 1 to Devel::Loaded so you can invoke it like "perl -dLoaded SCRIPT" instead of "perl -MDevel::Loaded SCRIPT".
    • NOTE: These changes mean that pmfunc works after all - the example in the POD was out of date (Cwd::getcwd is no longer a 'sub').


print out pod paths for the standard perl manpages
print out pod paths for the standard perl faqs
print out paths for the standard modules
grep out function definitions from perlfunc
show what files a perl program loads at compile time
show all installed versions and descs
show a module's man page
page through a module file
check that Perl is set up correctly for Perl modules
print out version and whatis description of perl modules
show a Perl class's methods
show a module's exports
cat out a function from a module
show the include path for modules (@INC)
find modules whose names match this pattern
show what files a given module loads at compile time
long list the module path
show full path to a perl module
print out a module's version
grep in pod sections only
print the path to the Pod
print out all pod paths
show outline of pods
print out the paths to the modules that this site added
print out the paths to the modules that came with Perl


Post-execution dump of loaded modules
Perl Module Tools