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Changes for version 0.027 - 2023-02-12

  • Jean-Damien Durand <>
    • use Test::More::UTF8 instead of hacking on io layer on stdout/stderr
    • workflows/dzil-build-and-test.yml: Remove devel until this will be meaninful (currently devel uses 5.36 !?)
    • workflows/dzil-build-and-test.yml: Use perl-actions/install-with-cpm@stable instead of perl-actions/install-with-cpm@v1, set_output matrix change to have devel version
    • workflows/dzil-build-and-test.yml: Add devel version
    • workflows/dzil-build-and-test.yml: Try setting git config --global github.user
    • workflows/dzil-build-and-test.yml: Add repo-token
    • Environment variable RE_ENGINE_GNU_VERSION support for those doing make test directly on this repo with an old perl
    • README.pod: dev+ [ci skip]
    • README.pod: Add some badges [ci skip]


GNU Regular Expression Engine