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AWS::Lambda::Context - It's Perl port of the AWS Lambda Context.


    sub handle {
        my ($payload, $context) = @_;
        # $context is an instance of AWS::Lambda::Context
        my $result = {
            # The name of the Lambda function.
            function_name => $context->function_name,

            # The version of the function.
            function_version => $context->function_version,
            # The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) used to invoke the function.
            # Indicates if the invoker specified a version number or alias.
            invoked_function_arn => $context->invoked_function_arn,

            # The amount of memory configured on the function.
            memory_limit_in_mb => $context->memory_limit_in_mb,

            # The identifier of the invocation request.
            aws_request_id => $context->aws_request_id,

            # The log group for the function.
            log_group_name => $context->log_group_name,

            # The log stream for the function instance.
            log_stream_name => $context->log_stream_name,
        return $result;


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (C) Ichinose Shogo.


Ichinose Shogo <shogo82148@gmail.com>