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Acme::Code::Police - Enforce rigorous coding standards


 use Acme::Code::Police;


This is the Acme::Code::Police module. Provide this module to programmers who fail to use strict and most of their coding errors will be instantly eliminated.


Copyright (c) 2001 Ovid. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself

Ovid assumes absolutely no responsibility for any of this dreck. If you use this, you will rot in the 8th circle of Hell for all of eternity.

If you do not understand what this module is doing, don't use it. Period. End of sentence. That means you.


Ovid <>

Address bug reports and comments to When sending bug reports, please provide the version of Acme::Code::Police, the version of Perl, and the version of the operating system you are using.


Why are you reading this? No one actually reads POD. You must be a loser. If you have to rely on the documentation to figure out what something does, you're probably one of those wimps who uses strict.

This was inspired by an offhand joke by merlyn ( at a Damian Conway talk. He is, however, not responsible for this and shouldn't be held liable if you're a bonehead.


August 1, 2001: Currently, this program will not work if any other module is loaded that uses strict. I could have tried to code around that by using a bunch of evals or something, but so what? It's a joke.