Acme::ESP - The power to implant and extract strings' thoughts.


    #!/usr/bin/perl -l
    use Acme::ESP;

    my $string= "Nice hat.";

    # Implant a thought:
    $string . o O ( "What an ugly hat!" );

    print $string;          # Prints "Nice hat."

    # Read a thought, leaving it in place:
    print $string.oO{ };    # Prints "What an ugly hat!"

    # Read a thought, replacing it:
    print $string.oO("Did I say that out loud?!");
    # Prints "What an ugly hat!"

    # Empty their mind:
    print $string . o O [ '' ];
    # Prints "Did I say that out loud?!"


ESP defies description.


Many operations on strings can distract them, removing the implanted thought.

Some platforms are skeptical and interfere with the extraction of stored thoughts.

Pointed thoughts are not demonstrated above because of their quirks. They never leave previous thoughts intact, may transform strangely or be unreasonably literal, and (due to a Perl design flaw) may even impact the surrounding environment (deleting files, etc.).


Author: Tye McQueen, appears to have implanted the idea into my brain. inspired the initial test suite. suggested the support for more drawn-out thoughts.

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