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Acme::Keyakizaka46 - All about Japanse idol group "Keyakizaka46"


  use Acme::Keyakizaka46;

  my $keyaki = Acme::Keyakizaka46->new;

  # retrieve the members on their activities
  my @members              = $keyaki->team_members;             # retrieve all
  my @kanji_members        = $keyaki->team_members('kanji');
  my @hiragana_members     = $keyaki->team_members('hiragana');

  # retrieve the members under some conditions
  my @sorted_by_age        = $keyaki->sort('age', 'asc');
  my @sorted_by_class      = $keyaki->sort('class','desc');
  my @selected_by_age      = $keyaki->select('age', 18, '>=');
  my @selected_by_class    = $keyaki->select('class', 2, '==');


"Keyakizaka46" is a Japanese famous idol group. This module, Acme::Keyakizaka46, provides an easy method to catch up with Keyakizaka46.



      my $keyaki = Acme::Keyakizaka46->new;

    Creates and returns a new Acme::Keyakizaka46 object.

members ( $type )

      # $type can be one of the values below:
      #  + kanji               : kanji Keyaki members
      #  + hiragana            : hiragana Keyaki members
      #  + undef               : all members
      my @members = $keyaki->team_members('kanji');

    Returns the members as a list of the Acme::Keyakizaka46::Base based object represents each member. See also the documentation of Acme::Keyakizaka46::Base for more details.

sort ( $type, $order [ , @members ] )

      # $type can be one of the values below:
      #  + age   :  sort by age
      #  + class :  sort by class
      # $order can be a one of the values below:
      #  + desc                :  sort in descending order
      #  + asc (anything else) :  sort in ascending order
      my @sorted_members = $keyaki->sort('age','desc'); # sort by age in descending order

    Returns the members sorted by the $type field.

select ( $type, $number, $operator [, @members] )

      # $type can be one of the same values above:
      my @selected_members = $keyaki->select('age', 18, '>=');

    Returns the members satisfy the given $type condition. $operator must be a one of '==', '>=', '<=', '>', and '<'. This method compares the given $type to the member's one in the order below:

      $number $operator $member_value



Okawara Ayato <2044taiga@gmail.com>


Copyright (C) Okwara Ayato.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.