David Cantrell


Acme::Licence - A module to easily apply a licence to your code


use Acme::Licence mylicence => { name => 'Super-funky-skillo licence', text => 'yeah man, you can, like, do what you want' };

or ...

use Acme::Licence licence => 'artistic';


All the code which you release to the outside world needs to have a licence. This module makes that easy. It has three pre-defined licences, and enables you to write your own. It also ensures that the licence is always easily accessible to your users from the command-line of your program, by passing the --licence parameter.


To configure the module to use your licence, you pass parameters when you use the module. Either pass a parameter licence, to use one of the pre-defined licences (the GPL (gpl), the Artistic licence (artistic), or put the code in the public domain (null)), or pass the mylicence parameter, with a reference to an anonymous hash which defines the name of your licence and the text of your licence. The keys for those in the anonymous hash are, predictably, name and text.


David Cantrell (david@cantrell.org.uk)