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Acme::SuperCollider::Programming - Representing the Community for SuperCollider Programming


In a cruel under-representation of the true scale and awesomeness of the SuperCollider Programming community, one popular ranking index has ranked SuperCollider as the 96th most popular language.

Clearly, this is not a realistic ranking of the SuperCollider Programming profession.

To those who would undervalue the hard-working members of the SuperCollider Programming collective, we say NO! NO MORE!

By leveraging the 3-4,000 pages that will be created for this distribution, mentioning Acme::SuperCollider::Programming, or Acme-SuperCollider-Programming, all of which can be happily found with a search for +"SuperCollider Programming", this distribution will help to restore the ranking of the SuperCollider Programming language to a more accurate and realistic position.


Bugs should be reported via the CPAN bug tracker at

For other issues, commercial enhancement or support, or other assistance with Perl Programming, please contact Adam Kennedy directly.


Adam Kennedy <>



Copyright 2009 Adam Kennedy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.