Mark Fowler


Acme::Test::Buffy - example Test::Builder testing module


  use Test::More tests => 1;
  use Acme::Test::Buffy;

  is_buffy($foo, "test foo is Buffy");


The reason for writing this module is to demonstrate how you can write testing modules that work together with Test::Builder. It also shows how to test such modules with Test::Builder::Tester. Look at the source code (which is heavily commented) for further enlightenment.

This module simply exports one testing function that tests if a string is the same as "Buffy" (case sensitive.)


None known. Please report, including documentation bugs to the author. You may use the CPAN RT system.


   Copyright Mark Fowler
   E<lt>mark@twoshortplanks.comE<gt> 2002-2004
   All rights reserved.

  This program is free software; you can redistribute it
  and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Module also written to annoy Leon Brocard, who will have to update his YAPC::Europe talk slides to include it a mere ten minutes before his talk.


Test::Builder, Test::Builder::Tester, Test::More.

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