Mateu X. Hunter


Algorithm::Simplex::PDL - PDL model of the Simplex Algorithm



Set the number of rows. This is actually for the A matrix in Ax <= y. So the number is one less than the total number of rows in the tableau. The same holds for number of columns.


set the number of columns given the tableau matrix


Do the algebra of a Tucker/Bland pivot. i.e. Traverse from one node to and adjacent node along the Simplex of feasible solutions. This pivot method is particular to this PDL model.


Return 1 if the current solution is optimal, 0 otherwise.


Look at the basement row to see where positive entries exists. Columns with positive entries in the basement row are pivot column candidates.

Should run optimality test, is_optimal, first to insure at least one positive entry exists in the basement row which then means we can increase the objective value for the maximization problem.


Starting with the pivot column find the entry that yields the lowest positive b to entry ratio that has lowest bland number in the event of ties.


Given a Piddle return it as a string in a Matrix like format.


Return both the primal (max) and dual (min) solutions for the tableau.


Coercion: convert a PDL into an ArrayRef[ArrayRef[Num]]