Mateu X. Hunter


Algorithm::Simplex::Role::Solve - solve() method implemented as Moose role.


    use Algorithm::Simplex::Rational;
    use Data::Dumper;
    my $matrix = [
        [ 5,  2,  30],
        [ 3,  4,  20],
        [10,  8,   0],
    my $tableau = Algorithm::Simplex::Rational->new( tableau => $matrix );
    print Dumper $tableau_object->display_tableau;



Walk the simplex of feasible solutions by moving to an adjacent vertex one step at a time. Each vertex of the feasible region corresponds to a tableau.

This solve() method assumes we are starting with a feasible solution. This is referred to a phase 2 of the Simplex algorithm, where phase 1 is obtaining a feasible solution so phase 2 can be applied.

Returns 1 if an optimal solution is found, 0 otherwise.