Alien::CImg - CImg distribution for CPAN.


This is a Alien distribution based on Alien::Base, class methods such as cflags and libs are inherited from there. See the documentation for Alien::Base for full list of methods. This module does not override or extend any of those inherited methods.

Quote from the cimg website

    CImg stands for Cool Image : It is easy to use, efficient and is intended to be a very pleasant toolbox to design image processing algorithms in C++. Due to its generic conception, it can cover a wide range of image processing applications.

The CImg distribution is only a .h file CImg.h, the way you use it is to just include it in your C/C++ source code.

    #inculed <CImg.h>

If you are authoring a CPAN distribution that requires CImg, you could get the cflags by running this palien command:

   palien --cflags Alien::CImg

Or alternativly, this one-liner:

   perl -MAlien::CImg -E 'say Alien::CImg->cflags'

Since CImg installation only contains source code, it does not require linking. So there is no need for a -lcimg command flag.

See also palien and Alien::Base


Kang-min Liu <>