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Alien::Selenium - installing and finding the Selenium Web test framework


    use Alien::Selenium;

    my $version = Alien::Selenium->version;
    my $path    = Alien::Selenium->path;

    Alien::Selenium->install( $destination_directory );


Please see Alien for the manifesto of the Alien namespace.

version ()

Returns the version of Selenium that is contained within this Alien package (not to be confused with $Alien::Selenium::VERSION, which is the version number of the Perl wrapper)

path ()

Returns the path where a file-for-file copy of the Selenium core has been installed as part of the Alien::Selenium Perl package. One may direct one's webserver to serve files directly off path(), or alternatively use "install".

install ($destdir)

Install a copy of the contents of "path" into $dest_dir, which need not exist beforehand.

path_readystate_xpi ()

Returns the path to the readyState.xpi Mozilla/Firefox extension that is part of Selenium starting at version 0.8.0. Returns undef for versions of Selenium that do not have such a file.

install_readystate_xpi ($targetfile)

Installs the readyState.xpi file as $targetfile, creating any missing directories if needed. Croaks if there is no readyState.xpi in this version of Selenium (see "path_readystate_xpi").


Mattia Barbon <> Dominique Quatravaux <>


Copyright (c) 2005-2006 Mattia Barbon <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself

Please notice that Selenium comes with its own licence.