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Alien::cmake3 - Find or download or build cmake 3 or better


version 0.08


From Perl:

 use Alien::cmake3;
 use Env qw( @PATH );
 unshift @PATH, Alien::cmake3->bin_dir;
 system 'cmake', ...;

From alienfile

 use alienfile;
 share {
   # Build::CMake plugin pulls in Alien::cmake3 automatically
   plugin 'Build::CMake';
   build [
     # this is the default build step, if you do not specify one.
     [ '%{cmake3}', -G => '%{cmake_generator}', '-DCMAKE_POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE:BOOL=true', '-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=%{.install.prefix}', '.' ],
     '%{make} install',


This Alien distribution provides an external dependency on the build tool cmake version 3.0.0 or better. cmake is a popular alternative to autoconf.



 my @dirs = Alien::cmake3->bin_dir;

List of directories that need to be added to the PATH in order for cmake to work.


 my $exe = Alien::cmake3->exe;

The name of the cmake executable.




The name of the cmake executable.



Alien::Build plugin for cmake This will automatically pull in Alien::cmake3 if you need it.


This is an older distribution that provides an alienized cmake. It is different in these ways:

Alien::cmake3 is based on alienfile and Alien::Build

It integrates better with Aliens that are based on that technology.

Alien::cmake3 will provide version 3.0.0 or better

Alien::CMake will provide 2.x.x on some platforms where more recent binaries are not available.

Alien::cmake3 will install on platforms where there is no system cmake and no binary cmake provided by

It does this by building cmake from source.

Alien::cmake3 is preferred

In the opinion of the maintainer of both Alien::cmake3 and Alien::CMake for these reasons.



This is the normal Alien::Build environment variable and you can set it to one of share, system or default.


If set to true, and if a share install is attempted, Alien::cmake3 will not try a binary share install (even if available), and instead a source share install.


If you do not have a system cmake of at least 3.0.0 available, then a share install will be attempted.

Binary share installs are attempted on platforms for which the latest version of cmake are provided. As of this writing, this includes: Windows (32/64 bit), macOS (intel/arm universal) and Linux (intel/arm 64 bit). No checks are made to ensure that your platform is supported by this binary installs. Typically the same versions supported by the operating system vendor and supported by cmake, so that should not be a problem. If you are using an operating system not supported by its vendor Please Stop That, this is almost certainly a security vulnerability.

That said if you really do need Alien::cmake3 on an unsupported system, you have some options:

Install system version of cmake

If you can find an older version better than 3.0.0 that is supported by your operating system.

Force a source code install

Set the ALIEN_CMAKE_FROM_SOURCE environment variable to a true value to build a share install from source.

Source share installs are attempted on platforms for which the latest version of cmake are not available, like the various flavours of *BSD. This may not be ideal, and if you can install a system version of cmake it may work better.


Author: Graham Ollis <>


Adriano Ferreira (FERREIRA)


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Graham Ollis.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.