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Alien::libtickit - Alien wrapping for libtickit


This CPAN distribution wraps the C library libtickit in a wrapper suitable to drive CPAN and other Perl-related build infrastructure.

If the C library is already installed and known by pkg-config, this module provides a simple access to its configuration. If not, the process of installing it will install a locally-bundled copy of the library into perl's arch-specific library directory.

This module bundles libtickit version 0.4.4.


This module behaves like ExtUtils::PkgConfig, responding to the same methods, except that the module name is implied. Thus, the configuration can be obtained by calling

 $cflags = Alien::libtickit->cflags
 $libs = Alien::libtickit->libs

 $ok = Alien::libtickit->atleast_version( $version )



Paul Evans <>