analizo-metrics - analizo's metric reporting tool


  analizo metrics [OPTIONS] [<input>]


analizo metrics analyzes source code in input and produces a metrics report. If input is omitted, the current directory (.) is assumed.

The produced report is written to the standard output, or to a file using the --output option, using the YAML format (see

analizo metrics is part of the analizo suite.



Tells analizo which source code directory you want to parse.

--extractor <extractor>

Define which extractor method use to parse the source code. Default is Doxyparse.

When using the Doxyparse extractor (default), all files matching the languages supported by doxyparse are processed, unless --language is used.

--list, -l

Displays metric list.

--output <file>, -o <file>

Writes the output to <file> instead of standard output.

--globalonly, --global-only, -g

Don't output the details about modules: only output global (project-wide) metrics.

--language <lang>

Process only filenames matching known extensions for the <lang> programming language. To see which languages are supported, pass --language list.

--exclude <dirs>, -x <dirs>

Exclude <dirs> (a colon-separated list of directories) from the analysis. This is useful, for example, when you want to focus on production code and exclude test code from the analysis. You could do that by passing something like pass --exclude test.


The output is a stream of YAML documents. The first one presents metrics for the project as a whole. The subsequent ones present per-module metrics, and thus there will be as many of them as there are modules in your project.


See analizo(1).