AnnoCPAN::Archive - Simple archive abstraction layer



AnnoCPAN is expected to handle both tar.gz and zip archives. Archive::Tar and Archive::Zip take care of accessing those types of files, but they have different interfaces. AnnoCPAN::Archive provides a common interface to the very few methods that are actually needed.



Create a new AnnoCPAN::Archive object. It uses the filename extension, which must be .zip or .tar.gz, to determine the type of archive. Returns undefined if there is any problem.


Returns a list of the filenames contained in the archive.


Returns as a string the contents of file $fname in the archive.


Archive::Tar, Archive::Zip

There are other modules on CPAN, such as Archive::Any, Archive::Extract, and File::Archive, that seem to do similar things, but they didn't appear to do exactly what I wanted or seemed too complicated, so I resorted to rolling my own. It was just a dozen lines of code (heck, this documentation is way longer than the code itself!)


Ivan Tubert-Brohman <>


Copyright (c) 2005 Ivan Tubert-Brohman. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.