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AnyEvent::WebService::ImKayac - connection wrapper for im.kayac.com


  use AnyEvent::WebService::ImKayac;

  my $im = AnyEvent::WebService::ImKayac->new(
    type     => 'password',
    user     => '...',
    password => '...'

  $im->send( message => 'Hello! test send!!', cb => sub {
      my ($hdr, $json, $reason) = @_;

      if ( $json ) {
          if ( $json->{result} eq "posted" ) {
          else {
              warn $json->{error};
      else {
          warn $reason;



You must pass type and user parameter to new method. And type should be secret, password or none.

type is secret

You should pass secret_key parameter.

type is password

You should pass password parameter.

type is none

You dond need to pass other parameter.

$imkayac->send( message => '...', cb => sub {} );

Send with message and cb parameters. cb is called when message have been sent.


taiyoh <sun.basix@gmail.com>

soh335 <sugarbabe335@gmail.com>


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.