Apache2::EmbedMP3 - Embed MP3 audio files into a templated web interface using WP Audio Player.


On your Apache configuration file:

 <Files ~ "\.mp3$">
   SetHandler modperl
   PerlSetVar wpaudioplayer /audio-player/player.swf
   PerlSetVar wpaudioplayer_js /audio-player/wpaudioplayer.js
   PerlResponseHandler Apache2::EmbedMP3

If you want to restrict only a certain directory to serve MP3s using Apache2::EmbedMP3, you can wrap the Files declaration on a Directory block. For more information, take a look at excellent Apache2's documentation.

By default, you have to have /wpaudioplayer.swf and /wpaudioplayer.js accessible on your webserver. You can download WP Audio Player from, you only need the main JS file and the SWF. WP Audio Player is a nice GPL product.

However, as specified on the SYNOPSIS, you can override these default behavior and PerlSetVar wpaudioplayer and wpaudioplayer_js to point wherever you'd have them.

That's it. Just go to any MP3 file within your web server. With that setup, Apache2::EmbedMP3 will use a default template.


Take a look at the default template located at example/ That is not the real file used by this module but it's a verbatim copy. The file is placed there just as an example so you can make your own template without too much internal poking.

Once you have your own template, just PerlSetVar it to the handler:

 <Files ~ "\.mp3$">
   SetHandler modperl
   PerlSetVar template /path/to/my/
   PerlResponseHandler Apache2::EmbedMP3

A more complete example:

 <Files ~ "\.mp3$">
   SetHandler modperl
   PerlSetVar template /path/to/my/
   PerlSetVar wpaudioplayer /somewhere/wpaudioplayer.swf
   # or...
   PerlSetVar wpaudioplayer_js http://my.other.server/rocks/wpaudioplayer.js
   PerlResponseHandler Apache2::EmbedMP3

I believe it's pretty obvious that the templating system used and required is Template::Toolkit. Wherever you want to embed the player within, just call: [% player %].


Apache2::EmbledMP3 has been already described on the previous section :-)


Apache2::EmbedMP3 enables Apache to show MP3 files using WP Audio Player. This will ease any deployment of MP3 galleries you'd need to do since you could just put the MP3s on an Apache accessible location, and they will be presented on a proper way to your final user.

Additionally, the following information for the files is available:

  • artist

  • title

  • album name

  • album year

  • lyrics!

These are presented by the default template and you can use them too on your own templates. This information is possible by using Music::Tag::MP3.



You can see it in action here:


Find the WP Audio Player distribution on It is a nice little GPL audio player.


Download it at CPAN:


Code is hosted at


David Moreno <>, Some other similar projects are announced on the Infinite Pig Theorem blog:




Apparently, there's a bug if the filename of your MP3 contains spaces. This will be tracked later.



Copyright (C) 2009 by David Moreno.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.