Apache2::PPI::HTML - Apache 2 interface to PPI::HTML


PPI::HTML is a HTML syntax highlighter for Perl source code. Because it is based on PPI it can correctly parse just about anything you can possibly throw at it, and then flexibly generate a HTML version based on any arbitrary colour scheme you wish, or use a standalone CSS file for it's style information.

This initial version is primarily intended to serve as a highlighting service to a AJAX-based syntax highlighter.

The handler recieves a chunk of Perl source code from the browser in the CGI 'code' parameter, and a second 'ajax' param determines if the highlighter is running in AJAX mode.

In AJAX mode, the fragment of formatted HTML is handed back straight up, without any surrounding body or headers or the other parts of the HTML wrapper.

With AJAX mode off, it returns a complete HTML document.

With this initial version, you may have some difficulties getting CSS actually working.

We recommend you wait for the next release, which will support a range of pre-packaged colour schemes being created for PPI::HTML.


- Add support for PPI::HTML 0.06 colour schemes.

- Add support for acting as a content filter.

If you like the idea of this module, and would like to volunteer to help maintain or improve it, your assistance you be greatly welcomed.

Inquiries via the PPI dicussion mailing list, located on the SourceForge website.


Bugs should be reported via the CPAN bug tracker at

For other issues, contact the author.


Adam Kennedy <>

Written by Pete Sergeant (in about 3 minutes) :)


Copyright 2005 - 2008 Pete Sergeant, Adam Kennedy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.