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Apache::AuthPOP3 - Authentication and Authorization via POP3


  # In httpd.conf or

  PerlModule Apache::AuthDBI

  # In httpd.conf or .htaccess:

  <Location /protected>
    AuthName POP3
    AuthType Basic
    PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthPOP3
    PerlSetVar        MailHost

    PerlSetVar        UserMap pop3user1=>realname1,pop3user2=>realname2
    Require user      pop3user1 pop3user2 pop3user3 pop3user4

    # Require valid-user


This module allows authentication and authorization against a POP3 server.

Received username and password are looked up in the cache. If nothing was stored in the cache with that particular username and password within the past two minutes, they are passed to the POP3 server and cached once authenticated; SHA1 checksum of password is used in caching.

After being authorized, the username or the name that maps to it based on the UserMap configuration is used to set the remote user.


MailHost (Required)

Defines the POP3 server to authenticate against.

UserMap (Optional)

If defined, the remote user is set based on this.


Sherwin Daganato, <sherwin at>


Apache, mod_perl, Net::POP3


Copyright 2006 Sherwin Daganato, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.