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Apache::AuthenSMB - mod_perl NT Authentication module


    <Directory /foo/bar>
    # This is the standard authentication stuff
    AuthName "Foo Bar Authentication"
    AuthType Basic

    # Variables you need to set, you must set at least
    # the myPDC variable, the DOMAIN defaults to WORKGROUP      
    PerlSetVar myPDC workgroup-pdc
    PerlSetVar myBDC workgroup-bdc
    # Optional Variables
    PerlSetVar groupFile /path/to/htgroups
    # Set the format of the username to check against
    # defaults to username
    PerlSetVar authzUsername username or domain\username

    PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthenSmb

    # Standard require stuff, only user and 
    # valid-user work currently
    require valid-user

    # Optional, reqires that you have Apache::Htgroup
    # require group groupname

    These directives can be used in a .htaccess file as well.

    If you wish to use your own PerlAuthzHandler then the require 
    directive should follow whatever handler you use.


This perl module is designed to work with mod_perl and the Authen::Smb module by Patrick Michael Kane (See CPAN). You need to set your PDC, BDC, and NT domain name for the script to function properly. You MUST set a PDC, if no BDC is set it defaults to the PDC, if no DOMAIN is set it defaults to WORKGROUP.

Users can also specify the Windows Domain name along with the username when authenticating using the format: Domain\Username. The Domain specified will override the domain name set in the myDOMAIN configuration setting.

= item PerlSetVar myPDC

Set to the FQDN or IP Address of your Primary Domain Controller

= item PerlSetVar my BDC

Set to the FQDN or IP Address of your Backup Domain Controller

= item PerlSetVar myDOMAIN

Set this to the Domain Name you want to authenticate against

= item PerlSetVar groupFile

Set this to the path of the htgroup file you wish this module to check in. It allows you to specify your users in groups found on the web server, as opposed to groups within Active Directory, etc.

= item PerlSetVar authzUsername

Set this to "username" or "domain\username" depending on your preference. (This simply formats the input username to allowing checking the username as "domain\username" or "username".) For example:

# speeves is a DOMAIN user of DOMAIN domain\username => DOMAIN\speeves

# speeves is a DOMAIN user of DOMAIN, # but the server administrator wants to # check this user against groups in the # htgroup file as:

# groupname: speeves userA userB

username => speeves

If you allow users to use Domain\Username and restrict access using the require user username or require group groupname make sure to set the username with the domain included. The authorization phase will be looking for Domain\Username string.

Example: require user mydomain\ramirezc


If you are using this module please let me know, I'm curious how many people there are that need this type of functionality.


Michael Parker <> Ported by Shannon Eric Peevey <>


Copyright (c) 1998 Michael Parker, Tandem Computers.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.