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Apache::AxKit::Plugins::Session - AxKit plugin that handles setting / loading of Sessions


    AxAddPlugin Apache::AxKit::Plugins::Session
    PerlSetVar SessionDataStore DB_File
    PerlSetVar SessionArgs FileName,/tmp/sessions


Session is an AxKit plugin which automatically creates and manages server-side user sessions. Based on Apache::Session::Flex, this allows you to specify all the parameters normally configurable through ::Flex.

Parameter Reference


Sets the backend datastore module. Default: DB_File


Sets the record locking module. Default: Null


Sets the session id generation module. Default: MD5


Sets the hash serializer module. Default: Storable


Comma-separated list of name/value pairs. This is used to pass additional parameters to Apache::Session::Flex for the particular modules you select. For instance: if you use MySQL for your DataStore, you need to pass the database connection information. You could pass this by calling:

    PerlSetVar SessionArgs "DataSource => dbi:mysql:sessions, \
                            UserName   => session_user, \
                            Password   => session_password"

AxKit::XSP::Session Support

This plugin was created to complement AxKit::XSP::Session, but can be used without the taglib. Special hooks have been put in place to put references to the session hash in the mod_perl pnotes() table, so the XSP taglib can fetch session parameters.

Every session access, the session key "_last_accessed_time" is set to the current date-timestamp. When a new session is created, the session key "_creation_time" is set to the current date-timestamp.


To tell you the truth, I haven't tested this enough to know what happens when it fails. I'll update this if any glaring problems are found.


Michael A Nachbaur,


Copyright (c) 2001 Michael A Nachbaur. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


AxKit, AxKit::XSP::Session, Apache::Session, Apache::Session::Flex