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Apache::CVS::Revision - class that implements a CVS revision


 use Rcs();
 use Apache::CVS::Revision();

 $revision = Apache::CVS::Revision->new($rcs, '1.2');

 $person_who_broke_build = $revision->author();
 $number =          $revision->number();
 $state =           $revision->state();
 $symbol =          $revision->symbol();
 $epoch =           $revision->date();
 $the_bright_idea = $revision->comment();
 %age =             %{ $revision->age() };
 $is_binary =       $revision->is_binary();
 $fh =              $revision->filehandle();
 $content =         $revision->content();
 $rcs =             $revision->rcs();


The Apache::CVS::Revision class implements a CVS revision.

Apache::CVS::Revision->new($rcs, $revision_number)

Construct a new Apache::CVS::Revision. The first argument is a instance of the Rcs class. The second is the revision number of this revision.


Returns the number of the revision.


Returns the author of the revision.


Returns the state of the revision.


Returns the symbol of the revision.


Returns the date of the revision in Unix epoch time.


Returns the comments associated with this revision.


Returns a hash that indicates the age of the revision. The keys of this hash are: days, hours, minutes, and seconds.


Returns true if the revision is binary and false otherwise.


Returns the filehandle of a checkout of this revision. The consumer is is responsible for closing this filehandle once they are done.


Returns the content of this revision as a string.


Returns the Rcs object of this revision.


Apache::CVS, Rcs


John Barbee <>


Copyright 2001-2002 John Barbee

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.