Apache::Mysql - Initiate a persistent database connection to Mysql


 use Apache::Mysql;

 $dbh = Apache::Mysql->connect(...);


This module supplies a persistent database connection to Mysql. You will need to have mysqlperl installed on your system. You should really use Apache::DBI instead of this module (this module was written when DBI::Mysql had problems, which have since been corrected).

This is the first version of the first module I have ever written, so expect errors! Any feedback or suggestions are gratefully received.

All you really need is to replace Mysql with Apache::Mysql. When connecting to a database the module looks if a database handle from a previous connect request is already stored. If not, a new connection is established and the handle is stored for later re-use. The destroy method has been intentionally left empty.


Apache(3), Mysql(3)


 MySQL and mysqlperl by Michael (Monty) Widenius <> 
 mod_perl by Doug MacEachern <>
 Apache::Mysql by Neil Jensen <>