Apache::Session::Memorycached - An implementation of Apache::Session


 use Apache::Session::Memorycached;
    tie %session, 'Apache::Session::Memorycached', $cookie, {
          'servers' => [""], #all write operations
          'local'  =>  ["localhost:11211"],  #read-only operations
          'timeout' => '300'

 tie %s, 'Apache::Session::Memorycached', undef,
    {servers  => ['mymemcachedserver:port'],
     'timeout' => '300',
     'updateOnly' => 1 ,
     'principal' => uid,  

In order to optimize the network ,you can use a local memcached server. All read-only opération are sending fisrt at local server .If you need write ou rewrite data , the data is sending at the principal memcached sever and local cache too for synchronisation.

note : 'updateOnly' => 1 just realize up-date operation not init operation. Init operation is use in order to book and lock the number session but it's not available in this module

  'principal' => uid :  this  parameter is use to create reverse reference 
  like this : MD5_hex(uid) => id_session in memcached server . By this it usefull to retrieve id_session from principal name . And add uid_MD5 => MD5_hex(uid) in main session .


This module is an implementation of Apache::Session. It uses the memcached system backing store . You may specify servers (principal) and locals caches for locking in arguments to the constructor. See the example, and the documentation for Apache::Session::Store::Memorycached and Cache::Memcached .


 Now Apache::Session::Memorycahed inclues replication between memecached servers 
 Two new components provide a replication service . 
 First package is Apache::Session::MemcachedReplicator
 Second is Apache::Session::MemcachedClient 

 It's now possible to do replication master to slave or master to master
 see man pages and scripts .

SOAP service

 Now Apache::Session::Memorycached inclues a SOAP service in order to set or 
 get %session in any language . The SOAP service translates data in Perl hashes

Installation of SOAP service

 All scripts are in scripts directory

 Put and MemcachedSOAP.cgi in the cgi-bin directory of your apache server with the appropriate right (x) . 
 Change in MemcachedSOAP.cgi the memcached server address .
  (line 11 : $machine = 'ip.ip.ip.ip:11211';  )
 Try the three scripts (first !)  then finish with 

The lemonldap project (SSO under GPL) uses this module


This module was written by eric german <>.

 Completed by  Habib ZITOUNI <> and 
Hamza AISSAT<>
 SOAP service is a contribution of  Casimir ANTUNES .


Apache::Session::DB_File, Apache::Session::Flex, Apache::Session::MemcachedClient,Apache::Session::MemcachedReplicator, Apache::Session::MySQL, Apache::Session::Postgres, Apache::Session

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