Apache::StickyQuery - rewrites links using sticky query


  # in httpd.conf
  <Location /stickyquery>
  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlHandler Apache::StickyQuery

  # filter aware
  PerlModule Apache::StickyQuery
  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlSetVar Filter On
  PerlHandler Apache::RegistryFilter Apache::StickyQuery Apache::Compress


Suppose page transactions like this:

       foo.cgi       =>   bar.html       =>   baz.cgi
     ?sid=0123456                           ?sid=0123456

It is difficult to keep sid query parameter between two cgis without cookies (or mod_rewrite hacks).

Apache::StickyQuery is a filter that rewrites all links in HTML file using "sticky query". It would be useful in keeping state (ie. like Session IDs) without using Cookies. See HTML::StickyQuery for details.

This module is Filter aware, meaning that it can work within Apache::Filter framework without modification.


StickyQuery parameters are automatically retrieved via current query string. Options to change this is one of TODOs. (Hint: inherit from Apache::StickyQuery and override retrieve_param)

Apache::StickyQuery has the following configuration variables.

  PerlSetVar StickyQueryAbs 0
  PerlSetVar StickyQueryOverride 1
  PerlSetVar StickyQueryRegexp ^/cgi-bin/

each of which corresponds to those of HTML::StickyQuery. See HTML::StickyQuery for details.


Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


HTML::StickyQuery, Apache::Filter