Apache::TransLDAP - An Apache+mod_perl Trans Handler


  PerlSetVar LDAPServer   # Default: localhost
  PerlSetVar LDAPPort   389               # Default: 389
  PerlSetVar LDAPBase   o=My,c=US         # Default: Empty String
  PerlSetVar UIDAttr    uid               # Default: uid
  PerlSetVar URIAttr    labeledURI        # Default: labeledURI

  PerlTransHandler Apache::TransLDAP


This module is designed to work with mod_perl and my Net::LDAPapi module ( Future versions will use PerLDAP.

This is mostly an example of how a Trans handler can be implemented in Perl. Be sure to enable Trans handlers when configuring and installing mod_perl.

I welcome feedback on this module and any others I've developed.


Clayton Donley <>


Copyright (c) 1998 Clayton Donley - All Rights Reserved

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.