debug - Greple module for debug control


greple -dmc

greple -Mdebug

greple -Mdebug::on(getoptex)

greple -Mdebug::on=getoptex


Enable debug mode for specified target. Currently, following targets are available.

    getoptex         Getopt::EX
    getopt           Getopt::Long
    color       -dc  Color information
    directory   -dd  Change directory information
    file        -df  Show search file names
    number      -dn  Show number of processing files
    match       -dm  Match pattern
    option      -do  Show command option processing
    process     -dp  Exec ps command before exit
    stat        -ds  Show statistic information
    grep        -dg  Show grep internal state
    filter      -dF  Show filter informaiton
    unused      -du  Show unused 1-char option name

When used without function call, default target is enabled; currently getoptex and option.

    $ greple -Mdebug

Specify required target with on function like:

    $ greple -Mdebug::on(color,match,option)

    $ greple -Mdebug::on=color,match,option

Calling debug::on=all enables all targets, except unused and number.

Target name marked with -dx can be enabled in that form. Following commands are all equivalent.

    $ greple -Mdebug::on=color,match,option

    $ greple -dc -dm -do

    $ greple -dcmo


Next command will show how the module option is processed in Getopt::EX module.

    $ greple -Mdebug::on=getoptex,option -Mdig something --dig .