App::Ack::Filter - Filter objects to filter files


An abstract superclass that represents objects that can filter App::Ack::File objects. App::Ack::Filter implementations are responsible for filtering filenames to be searched.


    # filter implementation
    package MyFilter;

    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use parent 'App::Ack::Filter';

    sub filter {
        my ( $self, $file ) = @_;

    BEGIN {
        App::Ack::Filter->register_filter('mine' => __PACKAGE__);


    # users
    App::Ack::Filter->create_filter('mine', @args);


App::Ack::Filter->create_filter($type, @args)

Creates a filter implementation, registered as $type. @args are provided as additional arguments to the implementation's constructor.

App::Ack::Filter->register_filter($type, $package)

Registers a filter implementation package $package under the name $type.

$filter->filter( $file )

Must be implemented by filter implementations. Returns true if the filter passes, false otherwise. This method must not alter the passed-in $file object.


Returns a filter whose "filter" method returns the opposite of this filter.


Returns true if this filter is an inverted filter; false otherwise.


Converts the filter to a string. This method is also called implicitly by stringification.


Prints a human-readable debugging string for this filter. Useful for, you guessed it, debugging.