App::Addex::AddressBook::AppleScript - Mac::Glue-less Addex adapter for Apple Address Book and Addex


version 0.008


This module implements the App::Addex::AddressBook interface for Mac OS X's Address Book application, using a horrible hack to get entries from the address book.

A much cleaner interface would be to use App::Addex::AddressBook::Apple, which uses Mac::Glue to access the address book. Unfortunately, Mac::Glue does not work in many recent builds of Perl, and will cease to work as the Carbon API is killed off.

The AppleScript adapter builds an AppleScript program that prints out a dump of relevant address book entries, then runs it, then parses its output. The format of the intermediate form may change for all kinds of crazy reasons.


Ricardo Signes <>


This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Ricardo Signes.

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