cpanfile-slipstop - write installed module versions back to cpanfile


  # update moduels & write versions from cpanfile.snapshot to cpanfile
  > carton update
  > cpanfile-slipstop

  # write module versions as 'minimum'
  > cpanfile-slipstop --stopper=minimum

  # only see versions to write
  > cpanfile-slipstop --dry-run

  # remove current version specification from cpanfile
  > cpanfile-slipstop --remove


  --stopper=identifier (default: exact)
      type of version constraint
          exact   : '== 1.00'
          minimum : '1.00' (same as >= 1.00)
          maximum : '<= 1.00'
      do not save to cpanfile
      write core module versions
      stop to output versions
  --cpanfile=path (default: ./cpanfile)
  --snapshot=path (default: ./cpanfile.snapshot)
      specify cpanfile and cpanfile.snapshot location
      delete all version specifications from cpanfile
  -h, --help
      show this help


cpanfile-slipstop is a support tool for more definite and safety version bundling on cpanfile and Carton.

The carton install command checks only to satisfy version specifications in cpanfile and local/. Even if some module versions are updated in cpanfile.snapshot, the saved versions are not referred until you need to install it. This sometimes causes confusion and version discrepancy between development environment and production. This tool writes versions snapshot to cpanfile to fix module versions.


Carton, Module::CPANfile, CPAN::Meta::Requirements


Copyright (C) pokutuna.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


pokutuna <>