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App::Jiffy - A minimalist time tracking app focused on precision and effortlessness.


  use App::Jiffy;

  # cmd line tool
  jiffy Solving world hunger
  jiffy Cleaning the plasma manifolds
  jiffy current # Returns the elapsed time for the current task

  # Run server
  curl -d "title=Meeting with Client X" http://localhost:3000/timeentry


App::Jiffy's philosophy is that you should have to do as little as possible to track your time. Instead you should focus on working. App::Jiffy also focuses on precision. Many times time tracking results in globbing activities together masking the fact that your 5 hours of work on project "X" was actually 3 hours of work with interruptions from your coworker asking about project "Y".

In order to be precise with as little effort as possible, App::Jiffy will be available via a myriad of mediums and devices but will have a central server to combine all the information. Plans currently include the following applications:

Command line tool
Web app App::Jiffyd
iPhone app ( potentially )


  curl -L | perl - git://


The following are methods available on the App::Jiffy object.


add_entry will create a new TimeEntry with the current time as the entry's start_time.


current_time will print out the elapsed time for the current task (AKA the time since the last entry was created).


time_sheet will print out a time sheet including the time spent for each TimeEntry.

search( $query_text, $days )

The search subcommand will look for the given $query_text in the past $days number of days. It will treat the $query_text argument as a regex.


run will start an instance of the Jiffy app.


Sean Zellmer <>


Copyright 2015- Sean Zellmer


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.