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App::Nopaste - Easy access to any pastebin


version 1.013


    use App::Nopaste 'nopaste';

    my $url = nopaste(q{
        perl -wle 'print "Prime" if (1 x shift) !~ /^1?$|^(11+?)\1+$/' [number]

    # or on the command line:


Pastebins (also known as nopaste sites) let you post text, usually code, for public viewing. They're used a lot in IRC channels to show code that would normally be too long to give directly in the channel (hence the name nopaste).

Each pastebin is slightly different. When one pastebin goes down (I'm looking at you,, then you have to find a new one. And if you usually use a script to publish text, then it's too much hassle.

This module aims to smooth out the differences between pastebins, and provides redundancy: if one site doesn't work, it just tries a different one.

It's also modular: you only need to put on CPAN a App::Nopaste::Service::Foo module and anyone can begin using it.



See the documentation in App::Nopaste::Command.


    use App::Nopaste 'nopaste';

    my $url = nopaste(
        text => "Full text to paste (the only mandatory argument)",
        desc => "A short description of the paste",
        nick => "Your nickname",
        lang => "perl",
        chan => "#moose",
        private => 1, # default: 0

        # this is the default, but maybe you want to do something different
        error_handler => sub {
            my ($error, $service) = @_;
            warn "$service: $error";

        warn_handler => sub {
            my ($warning, $service) = @_;
            warn "$service: $warning";

        # you may specify the services to use - but you don't have to
        services => ["Shadowcat", "Gist"],

    print $url if $url;

The nopaste function will return the URL of the paste on success, or undef on failure.

For each failure, the error_handler argument is invoked with the error message and the service that issued it.

For each warning, the warn_handler argument is invoked with the warning message and the service that issued it.


WebService::NoPaste, WWW::Pastebin::PastebinCom::Create, Devel::REPL::Plugin::Nopaste


Copyright 2008- Shawn M Moore.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Bugs may be submitted through the RT bug tracker (or


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This software is copyright (c) 2008 by Shawn M Moore.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.