App::Sandy - App builder that simulates single-end and paired-end reads.


version 0.23


 sandy [options]
 sandy help <command>
 sandy <command> ...

  -h, --help               brief help message
  -u, --man                full documentation

 Help commands:
  help                     show application or command-specific help
  man                      show application or command-specific documentation

 Misc commands:
  version                  print the current version
  citation                 export citation in BibTeX format

 Database commands:
  quality                  manage quality profile database
  expression               manage expression-matrix database
  variation                manage structural variation database

 Main commands:
  genome                   simulate genome sequencing
  transcriptome            simulate transcriptome sequencing


SANDY is a bioinformatics tool that provides a simple engine to simulate next-generation sequencing for genomic and transcriptomic data. Simulated data works as experimental control - a key step to optimize NGS analysis - in comparison to hypothetical models. SANDY is a straightforward, easy-to-use, fast and highly customizable tool that generates reads requiring only a FASTA file as input. SANDY can simulate single/paired-end reads from both whole exome sequencing and RNA-seq as if produced from the most used second and third-generation sequencing platforms. SANDY’s reads can be simulated with genetic variations such as SNVs, indels and gene fusions. For customization purposes, SANDY have built-in (native) databases that can be easily extended with varying gene/transcript expression profiles, sequencing errors, sequencing coverages and genomic variations.


  • Thiago L. A. Miller <>

  • J. Leonel Buzzo <>

  • Felipe R. C. dos Santos <>

  • Helena B. Conceição <>

  • Rodrigo Barreiro <>

  • Gabriela Guardia <>

  • Fernanda Orpinelli <>

  • Pedro A. F. Galante <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2018 by Teaching and Research Institute from Sírio-Libanês Hospital.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007