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App::Stacktrace - Stack trace


version 0.09


  perl-stacktrace [option] pid

    -m      Prints a gdb script
    -v      Verbose debugging
    -c      Additionally, prints C stacktrace
    --help  Show this help

    --exec  exec() into gdb


perl-stacktrace prints Perl stack traces of Perl threads for a given Perl process. For each Perl frame, the full file name and line number are printed.

For example, a stack dump of a running perl program:

    $ ps x | grep cpan
    24077 pts/12   T      0:01 /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/local/bin/cpan
    24093 pts/12   S+     0:00 grep cpan

    $ perl-stacktrace 24077
    0x00d73416 in __kernel_vsyscall ()


There exists an internal API


This accepts the following parameters by applying them through Getopt::Long. This is actually just a front for the script perl-stacktrace's command line handling.

      $pid,       # The process to attach to
      'm',        # Dump the generated script
      'v',        # Verbose
      'exec',     # exec() into gdb
      '--noexec', # system() into gdb


Runs the app program as configured by the ->new(...) method.

    $obj = App::Stacktrace->new( ... );