App::dateseq - Generate a sequence of dates


This document describes version 0.098 of App::dateseq (from Perl distribution App-dateseq), released on 2019-11-29.




 dateseq(%args) -> [status, msg, payload, meta]

Generate a sequence of dates.

This utility is similar to Unix seq command, except that it generates a sequence of dates.

This function is not exported.

Arguments ('*' denotes required arguments):

  • business => bool

    Only list business days (Mon-Fri), or non-business days.

  • business6 => bool

    Only list business days (Mon-Sat), or non-business days.

  • exclude_dow => date::dow_nums

    Do not show dates with these day-of-weeks.

  • exclude_month => date::month_nums

    Do not show dates with these month numbers.

  • format_class => perl::modname

    Use a DateTime::Format::* class for formatting.

    By default, DateTime::Format::Strptime is used with pattern set from the <strftime> option.

  • format_class_attrs => hash

    Arguments to pass to constructor of DateTime::Format::* class.

  • from => date

    Starting date.

  • header => str

    Add a header row.

  • include_dow => date::dow_nums

    Only show dates with these day-of-weeks.

  • include_month => date::month_nums

    Only show dates with these month numbers.

  • increment => duration

  • limit => int

    Only generate a certain amount of numbers.

  • reverse => true

    Decrement instead of increment.

  • strftime => str

    strftime() format for each date.

    Default is %Y-%m-%d, unless when hour/minute/second is specified, then it is %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.

  • to => date

    End date, if not specified will generate an infinite* stream of dates.

Returns an enveloped result (an array).

First element (status) is an integer containing HTTP status code (200 means OK, 4xx caller error, 5xx function error). Second element (msg) is a string containing error message, or 'OK' if status is 200. Third element (payload) is optional, the actual result. Fourth element (meta) is called result metadata and is optional, a hash that contains extra information.

Return value: (any)


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