App::gcal - Command Line Interface interface to Google Calendar.


version 1.121460


  gcal --help

  gcal [events.ical, 'tomorrow at noon. Lunch with Bob', ...]

  gcal --username="bill" --password="1234" [events.ical, 'tomorrow at noon. Lunch with Bob', ...]


The gcal command provides a quick and easy interface to Google Calendar from the command line.

Before using the gcal command, you need to provide your Google credentials. The most convenient way to do this is by using your ~.netrc file and supplying credentials for the machine. For example:

  login bill
  password 1234

NOTE: On Windows, your .netrc file is at %HOME%.netrc.

NOTE 2: On Unix, ensure your ~.netrc file has the permissions set to 600.

Alternatively, you can pass the username and password as a parameter to gcal, as follows:

  gcal --username="bill" --password="1234"

You can then pass one or more .ics files to the gcal command and it will be added to your Google Calendar.

You can also pass one or more strings to the gcal command, which will attempt to parse it and create a new event. It uses ICal::QuickAdd to parse, so has the same functionality and limitations.

Using Google's Two Factor Authentication

If you are using Google's two factor authentication (and you really should be), you will need to generate a new application-specific password for gcal. Save that in your .netrc file and use gcal as normal.


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