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App::mgen - Generate the single module file


mgen [options] [module_name]

    Options :
        --description=s Set description
        --author=s      Set author name
        --email=s       Set email
        --path=s        Set module root path
        --signature     Set signature. necessary set author and email
        --immutable     Use __PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable
        --autoclearn    Use namespace::autoclearn
        --help          Output help
        --version       Output version
        --current       Create a module in current directory
        --moose         Use Moose
        --mouse         Use Mouse
        --moo           Use Moo
        --mo            Use Mo
        --m             Use M

    ENVs :
        MGEN_ROOT     Set default module root path
        MGEN_AUTHOR   Set default author name
        MGEN_EMAIL    Set default email

    e.g. :
        Generate standerd module
        $ mgen MyApp::Module

        Use Moose
        $ mgen --moose MyApp::Module

        Set description
        $ mgen --description="a module" MyApp::Module

        Set userdata (ENVs)
        $ export MGEN_ROOT=`pwd`
        $ export MGEN_AUTHOR="username"
        $ export MGEN_EMAIL=""
        $ mgen MyApp::Module

        Set userdata (Options)
        $ mgen --path=`pwd` --author="username" --email="" MyApp::Module
   mgen is supported various OO :
        Moose, Mouse, Moo, Mo, M
        Above all, I recommend M 


App::mgen is generate the single module file.


lapis_tw <>


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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