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App::revealup - HTTP Server application for viewing Markdown formatted text as slides


    $ revealup serve --port 5000


App::revealup is a web application module for giving Markdown-driven presentations. The revealup command starts a local web server to serve the your markdown presentation file with reveal.js. The presentation can be viewed in a web browser. The reveal.js library offers comprehensive presenting features such as slide transitions, speaker notes and more.

Sample Markdown

    ## This is an H2 Title
    Description... The horizontal slide separator characters are '---'
    ## This is second title
    The vertical slide separator characters are '___'
    ## This is a third title


    ## This is a forth title
    <!-- .slide: data-background="#f70000" data-transition="page" -->
    You can add slide attributes like above.

    This is a speaker note. It can be viewed in the speaker mode, just press S during the presentation to view notes and other useful information.


    $ revealup serve --theme night.css

serve command launch the HTTP server for showing slides on your web browser.

SEE MORE: App::revealup::cli::serve

    $ revealup export theme --base beige.css --output style.css

export command generate the files such as CSS of the theme and HTML for the slides.

SEE MORE: App::revealup::cli::export


Copyright (C) Yusuke Wada.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


reveal.js is by Hakim El Hattab,


Yusuke Wada <>